Normanby Hall Country Park

North Lincolnshire Museum Service is run by North Lincolnshire Council consists of North Lincolnshire Museum and Normanby Hall Country Park. Normanby Hall Country Park includes a Regency mansion, Victorian Walled Garden, Farming Museum and 300 acres of parkland. Our service provides a range of events and activities for all ages including children under 5, adults and families. We also provide hands-on sessions to schools, reminiscence sessions to adults and activities for adults with learning disabilities.

24 November 2014
Yorkshire and Humber
Local Authorities, Recreation
Local Alliances:
North Lincolnshire Dementia Action Alliance, Yorkshire & Humber Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

North Lincolnshire Museum Service is very communication focused and works hard to be accessible and open with all of its users. We received a Communication and Interaction Charter Mark in 2012 for ensuring that our staff and resources are communication friendly. We engage with all of our visitors and constantly ask for feedback about our services. 

We work in partnership with North Lincolnshire Council Adult Services to provide 100 free reminiscence sessions. These multi sensory sessions use objects and photos from our collections to promote communication and social interaction.

We provide this service to community groups, organisations, care homes and sheltered housing accommodation in North Lincolnshire. They are held in a variety of settings including Museums, Libraries, Children’s Centers, Memory Clinics and Day Centers. The sessions are informal and enable people to socialise with other people and make new friends.

Many of our Learning team are trained in Communication and Interaction, Dementia Awareness and reminiscence. They have an understanding of how to spark conversation using the objects and enable people to develop their interaction and social skills.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

One of the main challenges has been making organisations and partners aware of the role that Museums can play in health and wellbeing. We have spent a lot of time networking with the Adult Services, health services and organisations showing the benefits of reminiscence for those with memory loss.

We have also taken the time to write detailed project reports and collecting evaluation to show the positive feedback from our users and staff.  This networking has to be ongoing so that we can receive support and additional funding to ensure our service continues. 

Another challenge is making sure that our all of our Museum staff receive ongoing training so that they are able to change perceptions about dementia.

2. Actions

  • Training staff on Dementia Awareness

    Work in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society to train all staff at Normanby Hall Country Park to become Dementia Friends. This will ensure that everyone who comes into contact with visitors is aware of the little things they can do to make things better for people living with dementia.


    2014 - Third Quarter Update

    Most of the staff at North Lincolnshire Museum and Normanby Hall Country Park are now trained as Dementia Friends. The next step is for some staff to train as Dementia Champion's so we can train new staff as we have seasonal and a turnover of staff.

  • Write a project report about the current reminiscence project in partnership with North Lincolnshire Council Adult Service.

    To ensure we receive future funding to continue the reminiscence service, we need to show the impact that the service has had on users, family and staff. This report then needs distributing as widely as possible in both North Lincolnshire and across regional museum networks to ensure our profile is raised. 


    2014 - Third Quarter Update

    A report was written about the last reminiscence project in 2013/14. We then put a business case together to secure more funding to deliver more reminiscence sessions in the community in 2014/15. This was successful and we are currently delivering this project across North Lincolnshire.

  • Do an audit of Normanby Hall Country Park

    In order to ensure our venues are as accessible as possible for those with dementia. We will work with our partners and users to ensure we are doing all we can to make their visit as pleasant as possible.


    2014 - Third Quarter Update

    We have had two couples from Scunthorpe Memory Cafe come look around North Lincolnshire Museum. We plan to do the same at Normanby Hall Country Park once the season opens in April 2015.