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Stopsley Tent Project

Stopsley Tent Project was the vision of a carer of someone living with dementia and was established in 2010. It is run by and for the community. The purpose of the Project is to provide a safe haven for vulnerable people to meet together, providing a great way to get out of the house and meet new people, make friends, share interests and support each other. Two activities are delivered by a team of volunteers once a week: • A Singing Cafe for people with dementia and their carers, every Thursday from 10 -11.30am at The Greenhouse, St Thomas's Road, Stopsley. • A Social Group for the more able to meet for a chat over a cup of tea, every Thursday from 2 - 4pm at St Thomas's Church Hall, Hitchin Road, Stopsley.

8 November 2020
East of England
Hospitality, Faith Groups, Recreation
Local Alliances:
Luton Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

The Stopsley Project is making a real difference to the wellbeing of local vulnerable and disadvantaged people and raises awareness of dementia and loneliness.

We aim to promote Social inclusion by providing a social space for those living with dementia and their carers

The Singing Café provides an enjoyable and proven therapeutic activity, that is enjoyed by all

We want to promote intergenerational understanding and enjoy the volunteering support of young people from the local High School

We aim to ensure that our members feel fully participative of their community. 

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Absence of any budget and few resources – we currently rely on donations Volunteer/young people and community awareness of dementia

2. Actions

  • Support for those living with Dementia in Residential Care.

    To provide an inclusive activity in the community for those living with dementia in residential care.

    Being implemented

    2020 - Fourth Quarter Update

    Due to Covid-19, Stopsley singing cafe suspended all weekly meetings from the beginning of the national lockdown in March 2020.

    2019 - First Quarter Update

    Stopsley Tent project recently invited Active Luton representative to one of our sessions. They demonstrated chair exercise to our clients (including attendees from various care homes) With a view to encourage them to either attend a session at one of Active Luton centres or try to undertake some of the exercise at home. The demonstration was very well received.

    2018 - Third Quarter Update

    A number of local residential homes regularily send staff and small groups of people living with dementia.  This provides an opportunity for them to interact in a community setting.

  • Giving support to Carers of individuals living with Dementia.

    To provide a weekly session for Carers and people living with Dementia which includes singing, dancing and refreshments.

    Being implemented

    2020 - Fourth Quarter Update

    Since the March lockdown volunteers have been having regular telephone contact with carers.

    2019 - First Quarter Update

    Healthwatch visits on a regular basis to offer advice and information to carers. The Confident Carer Service, Disability Resource Centre also visit regularly to offer practical support and information for unpaid carers.

    Above organisations continue to attend our sessions to keep client updated on resources and available facilities

  • Working to support Carers

    Supporting Carers through all of the stages of their relative’s dementia, encouraging them to continue to come to Singing Cafe beyond bereavement.  

    Being implemented

    2019 - First Quarter Update

    There are a number of carers who continue to attend the Singing Cafe following the loss of their relative either through bereavement or going into residential care.   Several carers have become volunteers for us.

    We have recently seen an increase in attendees to our sessions, most have done so as a result of word of mouth recommendations. In additions we have had several volunteers interested in either joining the group (one of these being the local Pharmacist) or observing our practises and procedures with a view to implementing a similar project local to their homes or in one particular case abroad in South Africa.

  • Provide appropriate activities for those living with dementia

    Run a weekly Singing Cafe for people living with Dementia and their Carer, at The Greenhouse, St Thomas's Road, Stopsley, every Thursday morning from 10 - 11.30am.

    Run a weekly social group every Thurday afternoon, from 2 - 4pm , at St Thomas's Church Hall, 585A Hitchin Road, Stopsley.


    2020 - Fourth Quarter Update

    All meetings have been suspended since March 2020 in line with national lockdown. Prior to reopening the following will be implemented. Making sure the premises have COVID-19 safe practices in place. Dementia awareness refresher training will be offered to volunteers and carers.

    2019 - First Quarter Update

    Numbers of attendees are again increasing

    The weekly sessions at Singing Cafe continue to go from strength to strength with a mix coming from residential homes and carers attending with a relative.

    We also have an annual trip for fun and games and afternoon tea trips to Putteridge Bury and garden centres. We also regularly invite guest speakers, guest musicans and choirs to entertain our clients

    2018 - Third Quarter Update

    The weekly sessions at Singing Cafe continue to go from strength to strength with a mix coming from residential homes and carers attending with a relative.

  • Promote Intergenerational understanding of dementia

    To work collaboratively with groups of young people and teaching staff from Stopsley High School. Luton at the Singing Cafe.

    Initial Scoping

    2020 - Fourth Quarter Update

    Due to Covid-19 restrictions not further action has been taken.  To be followed up when meetings recommence.

    2019 - First Quarter Update

    We have recently heard that Stopsley High School will start to re-engage with us during the next term. 

    We also have a few Dementia Friends Champions as part of our group and they regularly deliver dementia friends overviews to schools and churches as an ongoing.

    2018 - Third Quarter Update

    We have in the past, had a connection with Stopsley High School, where small groups of young people came to help at Singing Cafe on a regular basis.  We hope to reconnect with Stopsley High School to resume this inter generational collaboration as it was a valuable experience for both the young people and the members of our Singing Cafe.