Lancashire County Council, Volunteer Service

Lancashire Volunteer Service recruits volunteers to support vulnerable adults across the county (including those with dementia) to access their local communities.

18 November 2014
North West
Local Alliances:
Lancashire Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

Lancashire Volunteer Service is committed to delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers. To do this we have developed an activity plan to assist the volunteers, who support adults with dementia and their carers, to have an understanding of the personal needs and wants of the person they support. The plan is person centred to the individual to ensure they have personal control over the activities they will undertake with their volunteer and is aimed to ensure the help given is designed around the needs of the individual requiring support. This support allows the individual to do the things they enjoy whilst their carer can have a break to pursue their own interests. The volunteer support also helps to ensure that the individual and their carer have an enabling and supportive environment where they can feel valued. Having a volunteer can increase the sense of belonging and being part of local community life for the individual and their carer. Through "Volunteering One Lancashire" we network with and support the work of other volunteering organisations that also support those with dementia by advising and progressing individuals to the most appropriate support for them.  


2. Actions

  • Develop Dementia Action Alliance membership

    The County Volunteer Service Manager will encourage organisations who are members of "Volunteering One Lancashire" to join the Dementia Action alliance. 


    2013 - Second Quarter Update

    Encouraging volunteers to become dementia friends is an action within our business plan for 2014/15.

  • Agenda Setting

    The County Volunteer Service Manager will use her influence to encourage a dementia friendly Lancashire to form a part of agendas across the area's networks and meetings and will encourage staff to do the same.

  • Dementia Friends

    The County Volunteer Service Manager will help raise awareness of dementia in Lancashire by encouraging all members of "Volunteering One Lancashire" to ensure each organization within the network agrees that at least one of their staff signs up to become a dementia champion. Within the Volunteer Service 3 staff have been trained as dementia champions, the rest of the team have been trained as dementia friends.

    We are in the process of rolling our dementia friends training to our volunteers - so far this year 2014 we have held 2 training sessions for volunteers and we aim to hold another 2 by the end of March 2015.   


    2013 - Second Quarter Update

    We held two dementia friends sessions for volunteers in West Lancashire and Morecambe.

    All volunteer service officers have regisered as Dementia Friends.

    We have emailed all volunteers known to Lancashire County Council and highlighted the work of dementia friends and encouraged them to sign up as a friend.  We got some good feedback from this email from people saying they were going to sign up or had already signed up.

  • Active Steering Group member

    The County Volunteer Service Manager will ensure the service plays an active role in the Central Lancashire Steering Group and to ensure that all feedback actions are implemented and delivered across the Volunteer Service.