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Parker Meadows, Fareham

About Our Home Parker Meadows is a new luxurious care home, set over 1.5 acres in pretty garden surroundings. Located only half a mile south of Fareham, with excellent transport links to both the coast and London, Parker Meadows can be found in a centrally located residential area. Our Care Home Personality At Parker Meadows, our on-going ambition is to establish a trusting and empathetic relationship with all of our residents so that you will feel confident about sharing with us the tiny little details that make you unique and that define who you are. The atmosphere of our home is filled with laughter, friendliness and warmth. One of our aims is to provide a homely environment, which is why we encourage our residents to participate in fun activities put together by our dedicated Activities Organiser. We carefully assess and identify personal areas of interest, which are incorporated into our activities programme. This is what sets us apart, we won't just find out what you like and what you have experienced in your life, we will do something positive with the information you choose to share with us and hopefully we will bring new happiness into your life, creating new memories as you share your experiences with other people. How We Enjoy Ourselves The sensory and wheelchair-friendly gardens at Parker Meadows have been specially designed for all year round enjoyment. We enjoy afternoon tea parties and outdoor family entertainment events when the wonderful British weather allows. Features such as raised garden beds for wheelchair users to small "private garden" spaces for downstairs rooms and thoughtful planting, including herbs and bright flowers throughout the garden, create a relaxing environment. There is also ample seating along the garden walkways to enable our residents to stop and rest or just sit and enjoy the day. All activities at Parker Meadows are designed with you in mind to ensure that where you want, your interests are maintained. We believe that the essence of care at Parker Meadows focuses on what you want to do, not what we want you to do. Residents are offered a variety of activities to choose from, including; regular trips to local clubs, choirs, cinemas and amenities. There is a large selection of musical genres, games, art workshops, cookery and discussions to keep our residents entertained and if we haven't got what makes you happy, then our ambition will be to try and get it. We will bring interesting people from the local community into Parker Meadows to meet and socialise with you and the other residents but that won't stop us from taking you out if that is your preference. We have dedicated religious services held on a fortnightly basis, with the option to see a minister upon request. We know for many residents, popping to the local shop to pick up the daily paper is a pleasure they have always enjoyed. If you cannot quite manage a daily trip to the local shop we have one in the home (open Monday-Friday) where you can purchase papers and any other essential items you might like to buy. Why Our Home Feels Like Home Every beautiful bespoke interior-designed suite has its own comfortable en- suite shower room but if you prefer a bath there is a bath in every 10 bedroom area (or 'Household' as we call them). Most of the shared areas are also only for 10 residents, so they are more homely and comfortable and whilst the option to watch television is available in most areas, you can also use our kitchenette area, where you can not only make yourself a cup of tea but you can make yourself an omelette if you want, or even bake a cake. This is your home and it should feel like that in every way. At Parker Meadows we believe we have achieved the balance of creating a safe environment for you, while at the same time building a new home for you and hopefully just in the way you would have designed it yourself. All living spaces are very light and spacious with warm and stylish interiors, with a range of deluxe, superior and dementia designed rooms. Our Busy And Fun Social Life The team at Parker Meadows have been working with the local community including Redlands Primary School. It was the children at Redlands Primary School who named our home "Parker Meadows", taking inspiration from the area's local history. The children also recently wrote a poem for us and planted a tree in our sensory garden. Both Redlands Primary School and Fareham College are delighted to have been asked to continue their involvement with Parker Meadows and its residents.

8 December 2015
Care, Health
Local Alliances:
Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

At Parker Meadows managing those with Dementia and supporting their families is part ofthe daily fabric of our life, but we are no longer happy to only help those inside the home we are now looking to support those that live outside as well. We are starting a “Memory Cafe”that is open to anybody who is or who has at some stage cared for a loved one. They can be living at home here at Parker meadows even in another Nursing Home we care about the person not their Geography. The Memory Café is open every first Wednesday of the month from 11am until 1pm.

We are launching a “Combating Loneliness Initiative” aimed at helping reduce loneliness in the community for elderly people. We will be opening our doors and inviting people to join in all of the activities and use all of the facilities at Parker Meadows with the aim of helping
them stay active and therefore independent outside of a Care Home facility for longer. We will also be holding seminars in various precincts and shopping centres around the area with the aim of educating people how to identify loneliness in their neighbours and then what to do about it.

We are trying to lead a “Technology Revolution” to help older people enjoy the benefits of Computers again trying to help them maintain independence and reduce reliance for longer. The reminder function on phones, daily alarms to tell you about your pills, texting from families to remind you about important appointments, on-line shopping, I pads with
supportive Apps to ease agitation for those further on the journey, Skyping to keep in daily touch with loved ones, On-Line news, chat rooms, online support networks for carers and a number of other initiatives.

Driving a “talk about Dementia” initiative to get the whole of the region to face up to and discuss openly DEMENTIA change the way it is avoided and shied away from, (like the “C” word for Cancer), let’s get it on the table and make the world take notice.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

We will need to get the message out to those people that are most isolated that I have a support group starting in my home; or they will never know to come along. These people are by definition stretched and stressed and often unable to see invites or adverts.

Any combating loneliness campaigns will be blighted by those people that do not believe that it relates to them: “Mum is fine” or “I don’t even have any elderly neighbours” will be the standard response. Overcoming this will be the biggest challenge as once they open themselves up to the message the rest will be easy.

The biggest challenge to the “Technology Revolution” will be getting the older person especially those with dementia and therefore having lower confidence for new things to open themselves up to the challenge. Technology is so simple now that as long as the new things are appropriate to the individual they can be learned and retained even if a bit of support from a Carer is required. Overcoming the “oh computers they are not for someone my age”

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2. Actions

  • Opening up our home

    We will be opening our home to Carers from all walks of life to come and join us for a support group, whether you care at home in Parker Meadows or in another unrelated Care Home you deserve support and we will strive to provide it.  This event will be supported by the Alzheimer’s Society.


    2013 - Third Quarter Update

    New member

  • Dementia Friendly activities

    1. My home will be open for lonely older people to come in and join us for all of our organised activities.  We have more than 8 different activities per day ranging from Newspaper Discussions to paining; Table top Gardening to Quiz night; Baking classes to Gentleman’s Club; Trip to the theatre to building your life story.

    2. My Beauty salon will be open to anyone in the community to come in and be pampered by my fully qualified beautician.  We will also be opening up our Pop Up Café for elderly people to meet up with my residents for a chat and a coffee.

    3. I have already had one Technology Open Day and I am planning to introduce a “Silver Suffers” club for the community again to join my existing residents.


  • Promoting Dementia Awareness

    I will be putting a stand into various precincts, high streets and shopping centres around the area challenging people to talk about dementia and also to look after those lonely senior citizens that live close to them.  

  • Actively supporting Dementia Friendly Communities Project

    I will be loaning one of my staff to support the Dementia friendly neighbourhood project each week, by manning the shop with a volunteer from Andover Mind.

    I have a great deal of contacts within the local healthcare professions that have access to a great deal of the vulnerable people that we aim to support, I will be alerting them to all of the initiatives that I have outlined above so that they can also spread the word.

     I am also available as is the rest of Parker Meadows and Gracewell Healthcare to support any other projects or initiatives that other companies or individuals want to share with the wider community.

  • Supplying meeting/training faciliites

    My Nursing Home facilities are available for any organisation that wishes to have meetings to discuss or plan the improvement of Older Person Facilities, this is irrespective of whether Parker Meadows is involved or not as long as elderly people will ultimately benefit from that activity.  These facilities whether for training or meetings will be free of any charge including refreshments.