Nat West Bank, Romsey

We are a branch of Natwest which is part of Royal Bank of Scotland Group. We are involved in helping customers with all their day to day banking needs

1 April 2014
South East
Local Alliances:
Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

2. Actions

  • Improving staff awareness and understanding of dementia, thereby having a good customer service ethos and training for our staff.

    Complete Dementia Friends sessions with relevant employees.


    2013 - Third Quarter Update

    New member

  • Have a willingness to respond to the individual’s needs and help/support them when we can and it is reasonable for us to do so

    We are aware of signposting options for people with Dementia and action those in line with demand.

    Being implemented
  • We plan to change signage to the type recommended for those with Dementia.

    We will be using those with pictures/upper case and lower case letters.

  • Promote Dementia Awareness

    We can also encourage our key partners to be aware of the growing numbers of people with dementia in our District and to consider how they can improve the services they offer.

  • Submit a Dementia Ambassador, who who has the ability and opportunity to influence others and is willing to use that influence to promote the interests of people with dementia and dementia friendly communities.

    Ambassador actions will be:   Promoting dementia awareness and dementia friendly communities within our organisations and amongst their wider networks/ Encouraging other branches in  our organisation or group (if appropriate) to join the Hampshire Dementia Action Alliance/ Being enthusiastic about and supportive of people with dementi/ Promoting inclusivity/ Promoting early diagnosis/ Acting as a spokesperson as and when opportunities arise (not compulsory)/ Influencing others - Lisa Bond, Customer Services Officer