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Benridge Care Group Ltd

Benridge Care Group was established in 1980 and based in the Southport area. We have specialised in dementia care, since 2005 and offer 24/7 permanent residency, respite and day Care. As a small provider, we pride ourselves, in being proactive, in terms of our knowledge and understanding of Dementia. Researching and implementing a Dementia Friendly Environment and using Risk Enablement Tools to promote individuals independence has been the key to our success.

5 April 2019
North West
Care, Health
Local Alliances:
Sefton DAA

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

We are committed in taking an active part in the community to promote dementia and improve understanding. Local businesses play an integral part in supporting our fund raising events and are invited to our training sessions. Our managers are also involved in regular Dementia Forums, collaborating with like minded organisations to help families affected by dementia. Our recent project looks to creating a dementia friendly environment within our home town.

We are also committed to supporting and empowering all our residents living with dementia, as well as their relatives. This is achieved with regular Relative and Resident meetings, where we discuss any improvements required and provide advice and support. We also provide training to those families who wish to know more about the the various types of dementia and how they may affect each individual.

We believe in risk enablement, therefore allowing our residents more freedom and independence ie our residents are encouraged to do things for themselves from washing cars, to polishing, to going to the pub. We include our families and friends in keeping them up to date with newsletters and regularly photo's sent to their email. This is a an excellent way to reassure families that they are safe and happy.

Our staff our paramount to the high standard of care that we aim for and this is done by ensuring all staff involved in the daily lives of these residents are trained to the highest standard. 

We achieve this by employing our own Health & Safety Consultant that delivers the majority of our mandatory training in house. We also have continuous training courses over and above mandatory to ensure staff are aware of all aspects of the individual needs of all our residents. These courses range from varying levels of NVQ, Dementia awareness sessions, Dementia awards, Parkinson's, Stroke Management, End of life 6 Steps to Success, Challenging Behaviours etc. We give our staff the prospect of a career within care and encourage further training within our regular staff reviews and observations.

We were also a part of the pilot for the Dignity Award and are looking to achieve the Bronze award, developing to Gold.  We also have a Dementia Champion and Dementia Coach that role model and support the staff in understanding some of the more challenging behaviours that we can face on a day to day basis.

Our full time Social Activity Co-ordinators monitor behaviours as well as organise events and day to day activities. We instil in our staff that it is our behaviour that can trigger residents behaviour and it is up to us to understand their dementia and their individual needs. They are also key in supporting families and organising activities and events. We open our home to the community to involve them in the lives of our residents and our residents in their lives. We have numerous events throughout the year, to which the families and the community play an active part. Some events are to raise money for Alzheimers and others to reminisce the past and have some fun.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Lack of understanding from some external sources, in relation to the challenges faced by people with dementia and the struggles we as providers can face, whilst trying to care for them with their Best Interests at the forefront.

Being able to meet the varying needs of our residents throughout the progression of their dementia, particularly as they become more challenging. 

Ensuring everything involved in the care of the individual is person centred. 

Facing the challenges of health & safety and the ever increasing need for documentation without taking away from the care of the individuals.

Recruitment and retention of staff teams continues to be a challenge in ensuring a constant and skilled provision of care. Continually ensuring staff are up to date with their mandatory training and developing them further in other areas to ensure they are kept motivated and skilled to a high level is difficult with the restricted resources available to smaller providers.

2. Actions

  • Promote Dementia Awareness within Southport.

    To organise a Dementia Pop up Shop within Southport Town Centre as a pilot initially. If this is successful, to role out across the area. This will heighten the publics awareness and help signpost them to the organisations that will be able to offer them support.


    2014 - Fourth Quarter Update

    Unfortunately, we lost the premises that we had planned to use, as it was sold. We have therefore carried this forward for next years plans.

  • Staff to achieve Dementia Award training

    Our Activity Co-ordinator to achieve their Dementia Award, which will help support other staff in their role.


    2018 - Fourth Quarter Update

    Our Activity Co-ordinator has been promoted to Deputy Manager and she is now  progressing with her Dementia Award, along with a further Manager.

  • Involvement with Community & Gardening Project

    Set up of working in partnership with Safe Regeneration. A company that supports those with Dementia in keeping active, involving themselves in Gardening Projects. Funding being applied for to create  Dementia Friendly Gardens within our homes. 

    Initial Scoping