Walford Mill Crafts

We are a centre of excellence for high quality craft and have a regular changing programme of exhibitions presenting unique and contemporary work by local, national and international makers. We also run an excellent education programme, packed with workshops for both children and adults with everything from woodturning and willow weaving to textiles and silversmithing.

19 July 2017
South West
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Local Alliances:
Wimborne Dementia Friendly Community

1. Action Plan

1.   How do you play your part in delivery of the declaration? What could you do to ensure people with dementia and/or their carers receive the best possible service/help?



Improving staff awareness and understanding of dementia, thereby having a good customer service ethos and training for our staff. 


By enabling people living with dementia to be part of the community and continue to do daily and social activities


Have a willingness to respond to the individual’s needs and help/support them when we can and it is reasonable for us to do so.


We run regular workshops in conjunctionwith the Priest House Museum, at a local residential home and actively link these workshops where possible to events in the town centre. We have regular visits from different groups of older people at the mill.



2.   What are the difficulties you foresee in getting to a point where you can meet the actions described in question 1?


Lack of knowledge amongst our staff/community


Limited time, resources and/ or a stretched budget


This is not the primary purpose of our business/organisation/group; therefore is not seen as a priority


3.   Please give one or more actions you/your business/organisation/group will commit to take to overcome the difficulties described above?

Training and awareness raising for all staff - If so, how many and what training?

 -Making staff and board members aware of the wrk we do with people who have dementia

Looking at our facilities and if we can make things easier – get help with this – making sure signs are clear and appropriately placed.

-We have done what we can do within a listed building. However planning permisson has been given to improve the building further and we are actively fundraising.

Review our practice/ policies which may affect a person with dementia and look for alternatives (eg signatures instead of use of pin)

-We review our policies regularly


2. Actions