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The office of Liberal Democrat Councillor Dr John Pugh

First elected in 2001, John has served Southport for twelve years now. John is heavily involved in local issues, having been leader of Sefton Council and has always fought for better services for the constituency. He has been on various committees, including most recently the Co-Chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Committee for Health and Social Care.

17 October 2018
North West
Local Alliances:
Sefton DAA

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

I have direct experience of a loved one living with dementia as my father-in law was diagnosed with the condition.  I therefore, understand the impact this can have on families and carers.  It isolates not only the person but also their partner’.

The national dementia challenge has been launched and with Southport’s large elderly population, we must rise to meet this challenge. Becoming a 'dementia friendly town' means encouraging all staff in shops, on public transport, in restaurants and banks to understand the condition so that those living with dementia are treated with dignity and understanding.  The greater part of the campaign to make Southport dementia friendly is to work towards having accessible services and to increase awareness of dementia. Dementia needs to be understood better by people of all ages, including school children.

Not only do we need to better understand the causes of the disease through research, but we also need to accept that few peoples' brains work perfectly and a tolerant kindly community is what we would all wish to live in.  We will all have something to gain if we become a dementia friendly town.

I urge all residents, carers and those living with dementia to get in touch with practical ideas to make social life easier for those with memory problems.

2.  What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Nationally, influencing policy has been greatly assisted by the National Dementia strategy but we must all play our part in ensuring that our towns become more dementia friendly.

  • Locally our challenges will include persuading buisness people to sign up and to commit  time to meetings and training. 
  •  keeping a high profile in  the press and local literature in order to keep up the momentum
  • Committing time and resources to lobbying, in order  that dementia is kept high on the  agenda, and is considered by policy makers both locally  and nationally.

2. Actions

  • Devising a questionnaire/survey to send out online via our partner agencies and a paper copy to go out on our Focus newsletter to all residents in Cambridge Ward

    The survey encapsulates the dementia alliance outcomes. The online version has already been distributed to clients by our partner agencies Alzheimer’s and Sefton CVS. We intend to produce a paper copy to be distributed to all residents in Cambridge Ward. Southport  This will enable us to gauge what gaps there are and to celebrate good practice.

  • Provide a forum for local service providers to outline the service they provide and to identify gaps

    We aim is to identify services currently provided and to identify any gaps in provision and to share good practice

    1) 15th Nov 2013- Meeting with Key Dementia Service Providers to gather information about services available and issues facing those living with dementia.

    2) Meeting with financial institutions in Southport to provide information on how they can provide dementia friendly services.

    3) Provide Dementia Friends training to children in local secondary schoool.

    4) Continue to support Southport Football Club's 'Thanks for the Memories' weekly dementia group.  


    Being implemented
  • Recruit Dementia Action Alliance members

    Identify a parade of  local shops in a predominately elderly area  and invite them to sign up to the Alliance. This would then act as a model on which we can to build and encourage further businesses to sign up.

    Support  Southport Football club to follow Everton’s example and provide sessions for people with dementia to come along and share memories.

    Initial Scoping
  • Support Roe Lane Surgery (Norwood) to become more dementia friendly and join the Sefton Alliance

    We will support the surgery by helping them to organise dementia friends awareness sessions for their staff.  We will then work with the surgery to support them in developing an action plan, with the aim of becoming members of the Sefton Alliance by November 2015. 

    Being implemented
  • Support Roe Lane Dental Practice (Meols) to become more dementia friendly and join the Sefton Alliance

    We will support the dental practice to enable all staff to receive dementia friends awareness sessions.  We will then support the practice to develop an action plan and aim to become full members of the Sefton Alliance by November 2015.

  • Encourage Southport Football Club to become dementia friendly and join the Sefton Alliance

    We will support Southport FC to enable dementia awareness sessions for their staff, and encourage them to join the Sefton Alliance as full members by February 2016.

  • Recruit more organisations to the Sefton Alliance

    We will use our contacts to encourage more organisations to join the local Alliance, and have set ourselves a target of recruiting three new members by the time of the next members' meeting in November 2015.