There’s more than one way to bake a cake! 

With Local Dementia Action Alliances popping up across England as regions, local authorities, sub-local authorities and towns, what might work in one area, may not in another.

As each LDAA is as unique as the community in which it is created we should share what works in each Local Alliance to encourage the growth of many more.

If you have good tips and examples to share, please email your stories to 

Steps to setting up a Local DAA

  1. Form a steering group & nominate a lead
  2. Arrange your first meeting to identify the steps towards making your town a dementia-friendly community including:
  3. Appointment of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary for the steering group
  4. Involvement of  people with dementia and their carers
  5. Agreement of terms of reference for the steering group and of aims e.g. meeting times, review of progress & further initiatives encouraged.
  6. Work out priorities as a group and per organisation.  Priorities of the group may become the basis of your aims and objectives, whilst your organisation’s priorities may be the basis of your Action Plan.
  7. Contact the DAA Secretariat to register your Local DAA and receive an induction
  8. Once an alliance is registered, organisations then submit their own action plan. See below point.
  9. Completion of the response to the National Dementia Declaration by each member organisation of the alliance

Top Tips for making a DAA work

  1. You need an enthusiastic bunch of people with a passion for change
  2. Share the work
  3. Learn from others - people are doing great stuff, find out how they did it
  4. Don't have too many goals - concentrate on one or two and make small steps towards progress
  5. Plan something for Dementia Awareness Week in May
  6. Plan something for Older People's Day in October
  7. Take photographs of everything you do -  a picture paints a thousand words
  8. Find out what the people with dementia in your area need and focus on their priorities
  9. Don't be afraid to ask the DAA team for help
  10. Get everyone to say out loud three priorities and write them down in a workshop, then they have their action plan begun to take back with them.
  11. Have fun!  Invite the public to a film, a tea dance, talk to them about dementia!