Southwark Dementia Action Alliance

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What is Southwark DAA?

Southwark Dementia Action Alliance is a means through which all types of organisations and individuals can make a contribution to improve the lives of people with dementia and their families, whether they live, work or enjoy the rich leisure , businesses, cultural or  artistic  resources in the borough.

Southwark Dementia Action Alliance (DAA) exists as a vehicle for organisations and individuals to work together to make Southwark a dementia friendly community, where people living with dementia have the support they need to live their life to the full and remain a valued part of our community. We have a steering group which co-ordinates the work of the DAA and looks for opportunities to develop partnerships and initiatives in Southwark to further this aim.

We are made up of a wide range of organisations large and small, and we welcome members from local business, faith based organisations,  leisure, arts, housing and statutory and voluntary sector health and care agencies.


Contact details: 

Caroline Clipson

Chair Toby Williamson