Norfolk & Suffolk Dementia Alliance

The Norfolk and Suffolk Dementia Alliance is an altogether new initiative that for the first time brings Norfolk and Suffolk’s most informed, aware and supportive organisations all together. This is a cohesive campaign to improve caring for people with dementia. 

People with dementia, their families, carers, Commissioners, County Councils, Hospitals, Community Health Care Providers, Further and Higher Education Providers, Independent Care Providers, voluntary workers and the local media have all come together to cooperate, coordinate and communicate to help deliver our integrated approach to caring for people with dementia.

It is an approach defined by those who receive care and provide care for people with dementia. Through a continuing process of involvement and consultation the focus will be on what you say you need. The aim is to ensure that you are better equipped and better supported in delivering care for people with dementia. 

NSDA is a strategic alliance, committed to achieving the vision of comfort, compassion and dignity for people with dementia. You are part of the workforce that cares, and your hard and valuable work can have an altogether greater impact when we pool our precious and vital resources to develop and deliver care together.

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