Barnstaple Dementia Action Alliance


Registered as a Dementia Friendly Community

Barnstaple Dementia Action Alliance group was launched on 21st August 2014 after a meeting that included many local organisations and groups. 

Aims of the group:

1. Increase awareness and understanding of dementia.
2. Breaking down barriers and helping remove stigmatisation.
3. Supporting the development of a role for people with dementia
4. Establishing 'community support' including local businesses and shop schemes


  • More people are becoming Dementia Friends
  • All the committee memebers are Dementia Friends
  • Successful awareness session in local NatWest Branch


 Those inolved on committee:

  • Memory cafes
  • Parkinsons UK
  • Town Council
  • Live at Home
  • Pilton House
  • Barnstaple Library
  • Community Mental Health Team
  • Age UK Devon
  • Age Concern

Working towards:

  • Having a gardening group in Barnstaple
  • More dementia friends in the area
  • Getting local shops involved
  • Becoming a dementia friendly community

Meetings & Events:

Meetings will be held once a month.- 7th Sep 5pm Barnstaple Library

Sound it out. Held at Christ Church 22nd Aug, 12/26 Sep, 10/24 Oct, 14/28 Nov and 12 Dec 2017

Contact details:

If you would like to join Barnstaple DAA or wish to volunteer, please contact:

Ailsa Elkins-McDonald

 Barnstaple DAA Chair

phone: 07516879418