Calderdale Dementia Action Alliance

Adults Health and Social Care Scrutiny Panel carried out a review of services to people living with dementia in 2012. In it they recognised that dementia is on everyone’s street and in everyone’s market square. We all use the same shops, buses and restaurants.

With some knowledge, and effort, the same businesses could be more accessible for people living with dementia. As a result, they set the ambition for Calderdale to become a Dementia Friendly Borough.

People living with dementia are telling us what would make things better as they continue to access the same services. Their experiences will feed into the Dementia Action Alliance so that businesses can adapt their practice accordingly.

It may mean that their staff have some awareness of the challenges faced by people because of their dementia; that it may take a little bit longer for people to handle their money; that they might be having difficulties in accessing public transport. Things could be so much better with little actions and consideration.

The Dementia Action Alliance will support groups and organisations to help make Calderdale a dementia-friendly Borough. It aims to bring everyone together in Calderdale who want to make a difference for people living with dementia, including families and carers, so people can still participate in everyday life and maintain as much independence as possible.

Although health and social care services are important to people with a long-term condition, the challenge is for people living with dementia to feel confident in remaining valuable members of the local community.

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