North East Dementia Alliance

The North East Dementia Alliance is a partnership of health, social care, voluntary and private sector organisations. We work to drive up improvements in health and care, create dementia friendly communities and improve research.

Key to the Alliance is involving people with dementia in every aspect of our work.

The Alliance works to improve services around six key priorities:

  • - good quality early diagnosis
  • - improved quality of care in general hospitals
  • - living well with dementia in care homes
  • - reduction of the inappropriate prescribing of anti-psychotic       medication
  • - development of dementia friendly communities
  • - improving care and support to people with dementia from minority communities.

Dementia 2014: A North East Perspective

Debbie Smith and Peter Otter have produced a report for the Northern Rock Foundation and North East Dementia Alliance, outlining the state of dementia care in the North East of England, as of July 2014. The report provides a summary of demographic trends, work that is being undertaken to support people with dementia and their carers by statutory, voluntary and academic sectors. It highlights progress made and gaps in service development and provision; setting this work against the English policy context and the views and experiences of people with dementia and their carers. Debbie and Peter have also produced a shorter summary of the report, an info graphic which represents the report visually, a ‘Think piece’ which aims to stimulate debate and a case studies report which highlights examples of good practice from the region.


Should you have any questions, please contact Andrew Ball:

0191 2983989

Alliance Members