Harrogate and Rural District Dementia Action Alliance

• To recognise and support people to live well with their dementia in our local communities.
• To increase natural support within the community for people living with dementia and their carers and families.
• To raise awareness and reduce stigma oHow to join the Harrogate and Rural District DAA

If you would like to be part of making a change to the lives of people living with dementia in your local community you can get involved and become a member of the Harrogate and Rural District DAA.

To join please make contact using the e mail or address above.  You will receive more information and an opportunity to take part in some dementia education before making your commitment by completing an action plan.  Your plan will then be displayed on this website and you will be able to attend network and learning events.  The process is simple and you can receive support from Dementia Forward along the way if you require it. 

The Harrogate and Rural District DAA will have a steering group and a wider network and will have regular events as well as a newsletter to keep members informed and up to date and in order to share success stories and good practice.


Name                         Louise Hanen and Netty Newell

E mail                         HardDAA@dementiaforward.org.uk

Address                     Dementia Forward, Community house,

Allhallowgate, Ripon HG4 1LE

Telephone                 01765 645904

Twitter                        #HardDAA