Dementia Friendly Truro

There are currently 9,000 people living with dementia in Cornwall - 1.7%  of the population. 1,000 people live with dementia in Truro and around 5,000 people in Truro are affected by dementia everyday.                                                                                          


Truro City

Dementia Friendly Truro - Truro's Dementia Action Alliance launched in 2014.



Dementia Friendly Truro Vision

To ensure that Truro is accessible, inclusive, welcoming and aware of, and responsive to, people living with dementia and their carers.

We will establish links with businesses, service providers and people living with dementia in order to develop greater awareness and understanding of dementia issues in our community. 

We will encourage businesses and organisations to join our Alliance and to take action to improve and increase awareness of dementia.

Together we want to make Truro a Dementia Friendly City.

How to get involved

There is no fee in supporting Dementia Friendly Truro. 

Please contact us on the e-mail below for further information on becoming a member. 

For existing members please let us know of any events or news of dementia friendly activities we can share with other members.


Facebook: follow us and join in the discussion at Dementia Friendly Truro on Facebook

Up coming events

14 to 20 May 2017 is Dementia Awareness Week. We will be updating this page with details of events taking place in Truro - if your business or organisation is planning any activity please do let us know.

Some of our previous events

Members Presentation

In December 2015 we held a presentation event for our members and were delighted to present certificates of membership to 10 of our members organisations.  Presentations were made by the Mayor of Truro, Lorrie Eathorne-Gibbons.

Dementia Awareness Day

In June 2015 we took part in a very well attended Dementia Awareness Day organised by Churches Together in Cornwall.

Memory Walk

In September 2014 we organised a Memory Walk - a leisurely 2 mile route around Truro - to raise awareness of Dementia Friendly Truro.  The event was started and led by Mayor of Truro, Loic Rich.


Dementia Friendly Truro formed in August 2013 and held its official launch in March 2014. Memory Walk