Gateshead Dementia Action Alliance

Gateshead Dementia Action Alliance exists to transform the quality of life of people with dementia and thier carers within Gateshead through promoting the National Dementia Declaration and delivering on the Action Plans submitted by Alliance members.


  • To develop a successful regional alliance for Gateshead.
  • To ensure it feeds into the National Alliance and existing local structures.
  • To establish an Alliance Steering Group to oversee and ensure continued development of action plans.
  • To initially identify key organisations including businesses, voluntary, community, private sector and education across the region with a common intent.
  • To secure commitment from these organisations to support the alliance.
  • To ensure organisations commit to producing action plans against which they will report progress over time.
  • To identify further sources of funding to support the ongoing sustainability of the Alliance.
  • To develop/ access a website for sharing of information, good practice and celebrate achievements.
  • To create a monitoring framework to track progress over time that may include peer monitoring.
  • To produce a newsletter every six months to promote information/ good practice. 


Annie Osborne 

Befriending Manager

Alzheimer's Society

0191 4777490