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The 2017 Luton Dementia Conference slides can be found in the link

Luton Dementia Conference 2016

Luton’s Dementia Roadshow

The national Dementia Community Roadshow was at St George’s Square on Thursday 30 April and Friday 1 May from 10am-4pm led by the Alzheimer’s Society, the roadshow offered free advice to raise awareness of dementia, supporting people to go to their GP for an early diagnosis and accessing local support services.

The Council arranged for the roadshow to come as part of its work with the Alzheimer’s Society to make Luton a dementia friendly community where anyone with the condition is understood, respected and supported, and made to feel confident they can contribute to community life.

Virtual tour gives insight into what dementia feels like:

An innovative tour, delivered by Essex-based provider ‘Training 2 Care’ has been hosted by the Luton Dementia Action Alliance. It is the only scientifically proven method of giving people with a healthy brain an experience of what 'mid stage' dementia might be like. Luton has now hosted this hugely beneficial experience four times giving over 130 people including professionals and carers insight to what it is like living with dementia.

Yvonne Weldon who is the Dementia Nurse Specialist for Luton and Dunstable Hospital is now licensed to deliver the Virtual Dementia Tour to hospital trust staff.


In Luton it is estimated that there are almost 1,600 individuals living with dementia, this is forecast to rise by 51% by 2025.

Luton’s Dementia Action Alliance is made up of a collection of stakeholders; police, fire and rescue, high street businesses, local authority, charities, care providers and health trust, faith groups, local associations and schools.


To transform the quality of life of people with dementia and their carers within Luton through the progression of a Luton Dementia Action Alliance, and continue to work towards becoming a ‘dementia friendly community’.


  • To develop a fully operational, fit for purpose and sustainable Luton Dementia Action Alliance that maintains Luton's status as a town recognised as 'working to become dementia-friendly'.
  • Full user involvement in the development of the LDAA sustaining Luton as a dementia-friendly community
  • Respectful and responsive businesses and services.
  • Challenge stigma and build understanding.
  • Accessible community activities.
  • Practical support to enable engagement in community life.
  • Ensure an early diagnosis.
  • Community based solutions.
  • Consistent and reliable travel options.
  • Easy to navigate environments.


The Local Authority will continue to provide the administrative support for the core group, organising meetings, events and taking notes and are the first point of contact for any issues relating to the Luton Dementia Action Alliance.

Equality and Diversity

The Luton Dementia Action Alliance is committed to inclusion, equality and diversity in all of its activities. It will take positive steps to include people from all groups and communities who may be affected by dementia across all of its work.  

Meeting Notes:

LDAA Minutes 11 04 17

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Other Resources

  1. Luton Dementia Alliance launch - Press Release
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Other Luton Initiatives:

Luton Dementia Action Alliance has appointed via The Alzheimer’s Society, a part time post of Dementia Friendly Community Coordinator to support the LDAA and progress development.

Luton Central Libraries

“On 5th March Luton Libraries launched their new Reading Well Books on Prescription for Dementia scheme. This is part of a national scheme to support people living with dementia and those caring for them.

The scheme centres around a collection of books offering self-help advice and information, practical support and personal stories. The books have been recommended by health professionals and have been tried and tested by people with experience of dementia. The collections are available free of charge at libraries across the UK, as part of the national scheme.

The launch at Luton Central Library was open to families living with dementia, as well as health and social care professionals. It featured a talk from Kim Radford about dementia friendly communities, while Connie Sharp from the Alzheimer’s Society spoke about the services available to people. The launch finished with a vibrant musical demonstration from the group at Music 24, who offer music therapy for people living with dementia and their carers.”

Integrated Personal Commissioning demonstrator site

Luton has recently become an Integrated Personal Commissioning demonstrator site. It is a new initiative being piloted by NHS England to join up health and social care for those with high level, complex needs. It shifts power to the individuals who access health and social care, allowing them to shape the services around their needs instead of fitting around standard service provisions. The goals of the programme are to create a better quality of life for those with complex needs and their carers, prevention of crises that lead to unplanned hospital and institutional care and better integration and quality of care.

IPC will involve producing one care plan which covers all the health and social care needs of the individual and an optional integrated personal budget, where appropriate, to enable those needs to be met with the services of the patient’s choosing.

The programme will run for three years. The initial cohort in Luton will be those with dementia due to their needs often spanning across health and social care.

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Three of our day centres now have RemPods the pub, the living room and the shop.  These are Pop-up Reminiscence Pods or RemPods, they help to change the quality of life for people with dementia, currently living in care. The Pods are literally pop up reminiscence rooms and work by turning any care space into a therapeutic & calming environment. No need for decoration. Simply pop-up or down, when needed. 


To join the Luton Dementia Action Alliance, please contact:

Fiona Wynde, Dementia Friendly Communities Officer for the East of England

Email: Fiona.wynde


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