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Poole Dementia Action Group


Registered as a Dementia Friendly Community

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In March 2012 the Prime Minister raised the profile of dementia by setting his Dementia Challenge, which was to deliver major improvements in dementia care and research by 2015. In that challenge there was a commitment to the development of Dementia Friendly Communities across the UK.

A Dementia Friendly Community is one where people with dementia are enabled to live as independently as possible and to continue to be part of their community. At the same time, are met with understanding and given support when they need it. Across different parts of Dorset, including Poole, the Alzheimer’s Society is creating Dementia Friendly Communities and will be coordinating the work of the Poole Dementia Alliance.


To address the key priorities that have been identified at a National level but need to be met at a local level:

  • Raise awareness of dementia
  • Action at a local level
  • Sign up to National Dementia Declaration
  • Create Dementia Friendly Communities

Our overall aim is to address as many of the barriers that people with dementia may face when out and about in Poole. From the work that was done nationally 47% of people identified that they no longer felt part of their local community and we would certainly aim to improve that in Poole. As Poole is a very popular tourist destination we aim to improve this for both local residents and those who would choose to have a holiday in the area.

Action Group Meetings

A wide range of stakeholders are involved with the Alliance, all of whom have agreed to attend the meetings and follow up agreed actions in between meetings.

The group meets on average about eight timer per year.

Projects Being Undertaken

The project's aim was to make Poole High Street a more Dementia Friendly environment. The plan over the next year is to move on to other areas within the Borough creating a Dementia Friendly Town.

To achieve this we have identified a number of components:

  • Encourage all businesses to complete an Action Plan, stating what actions they will carry out helping to create a Dementia Friendly Community. These will be displayed on the Poole DAA webpage.
  • Revisit the shops in the town centre to identify which would be keen to receive an awareness raising session for their staff. Continue to offer free awareness raising sessions for businesses at central locations or at their own premises.
  • Consult with the shops and businesses about what the issues are for their staff in becoming dementia friendly.
  • Continue to consult with local people with dementia and their carers to identify barriers that exist and improvements that could be made across Poole.
  • Encourage as many people as possible to become Dementia Friends and Champions through the National scheme, raising awareness.
  • Display the national logo, ‘Working to become Dementia Friendly’ in shops where they have completed an awareness raising session or are dementia friends. Plus completed a DAA action plan.


There is a very clear expression of interest and enthusiasm from all the members of the Action Group to ensure we progress towards achieving our aims.

Awareness raising for retail outlets is still continuing to be delivered.

A leaflet to raise awareness of dementia has been created and distributed to customer facing staff.

An Information pack has also been created for staff including, a guide for customer facing staff, an activities leaflet, coin recognition chart, an action plan, a sheet on how to communicate with people who have dementia. This has been given out at the end of awareness raising sessions.

A sticker has been awarded to retailers who have completed an action plan and attend an awareness raising session.

We have mapped current opportunities/activities available in Poole and created a leaflet.

A six month action plan has just been created to concentrate on sectors and areas across Poole, encouraging businesses to sign up to the Poole Alliance.

Community members raising Awareness

Through the PDAG we are encouraging as many people as possible to undertake the Dementia Friends and Champion's training.

The Poole Memory Walk was held in Poole Park in September and was a great success, raising money for the Alzheimer's Society and raising awareness about dementia.


Just Bean Ground

Premier Bites 



For more information on the work of PDAG please contact Jane Newell, J.Newell@poole.gov.uk.