Enfield Dementia Action Alliance

“Dementia” describes a range of diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, associated with the brain which can affect memory, everyday tasks, communication and perception. One in three aged 65+ will develop dementia as they age, and getting a diagnosis can be devastating. It is important families can get the information, treatment and help they need to live as fulfilling a life as possible. Sadly, many people living with dementia don’t feel communities and society are geared up to help them.

 You can help!

Enfield Dementia Action Alliance is an independent partnership of public, private and voluntary sector organisations who have agreed to work together to support those living with dementia by raising awareness amongst organisations and communities and how they can help.

 Membership is open to all organisations such as yours. All we ask is you identify 3 actions you and your staff can take to improve facilities, products or services for people living with dementia or simply commit to being aware of the condition and its impact. These actions may be simple things, like encouraging staff to be more thoughtful in helping older people with shopping.

 In return, EDAA will publicly recognise your commitment, including on our DAA web-site (which is also about to launched) and providing a dementia-friendly logo to promote your organisation. There are also opportunities to access awareness-raising and training opportunities, as well as networking with others.

 We would like to invite you to join EDAA.  You may want to know more before deciding, so feel free to contact:

Alan Weinstock alanweinstock@ageukenfield.org.uk