Teignbridge Dementia Action Alliance


311 Dementia Friends created by TDAA since July 2018. Hosted a Dementia Friends Champion training day, Nov 18, which created 22 Dementia Friends Champions

Why we want to become more dementia friendly:

The aim of the Teignbridge DAA is to ensure that Teignbridge district becomes a dementia friendly community.

“To transform the lives of people with dementia and those that care for them through building commitment and actions to deliver the Dementia Statements”.  (April 2017 update to the old National Dementia Declaration).


  • Raising awareness and understanding of the impact of dementia in our community
  • Building a network of organisations that are committed to, and taking, action
  • To improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers
  • Enhancing member work to improve the lives of people with dementia
  • Developing and delivering joint work on common dementia events
  • Developing and updating outcome indicators to monitor the impact of the Alliance
  • Running engaging member driven events (fun events).

Next meeting dates:

Thursday 27th June 1600 – 1730, 600 – 1730, Teignbridge District Council Offices, The Parlour, Old Forde House, Newton Abbot

Do you live, work or have a connection to Teignbridge? If you would like to support or join us, we would love to hear from you.

Newton Abbot Dementia Action Week Event

Contact details

Email:             teignbridgeDAA@gmail.com

Phone:           07847507666 (Mary Sherwood)


Alliance Members