Martock Dementia Action Alliance

Who is involved

The steering group is a wonderful collective of local people passionate about working towards Martock becoming a Dementia Friendly Community – Those involved include Martock Community Services Team, Health Coaches, local Emergency Services, Martock Primary School, Senior Care providers, Churches, Businesses, Social Groups and Residents.


The Martock Dementia Action Alliance aims to make a significant difference by:

  1. Increasing awareness and understanding of dementia in the Parish of Martock taking in Bower Hinton, Martock, Coat, Stapleton.
  2. Supporting the development of a role for people with dementia
  3. Establishing ‘community support’ including local services, business/shop schemes and social groups
  4. Improving health and wellbeing by reducing social isolation and loneliness
  5. Breaking down barriers and helping remove stigmatization.

We will do this by

  1. Identifying local needs of people with dementia and their carers
  2. Developing greater awareness and understanding of dementia issues in Martock Parish.
  3. Establishing networks/links with businesses, service providers and people with dementia
  4. Providing training and awareness to include all age groups - local services, businesses, shops, social groups and their staff/volunteers
  5. Providing accessible information – in guides and packages - with a website presence.


The group aims to meet initially every 6 weeks to progress to quarterly in the future


Caroline Bennett

Seniors Support Coordinator / Martock Community Services Team

07946 121 612, email

Martock Parish Council - The Market House, Church Street, Martock, TA12 6JL