South Molton Dementia Alliance


  • To bring together public, private and voluntary organisations, in and covering South Molton, to support people with dementia and their carers and to raise awareness.
  • To identify solutions, services and resources to meet the needs of people in and around South Molton living with dementia and their carers.
  • To share best practice and keep up with innovations in awareness raising dementia support, to ensure continued improvement of local services.
  • To help break down barriers and remove stigma associated with dementia.
  • Provide support, information and awareness sessions to businesses, service providers, voluntary and community and educational groups and organisations.
  • To link with local, national and international organisations that support people with dementia and their carers, as appropriate.


  • Open to representatives of private, public , voluntary or educational organisations or individuals in the South Molton area who agree with the role and aims of the Alliance. 
  • Membership is open ended, and may start and finish at any time.


  • Those who represent organisations are expected to act as a link between the Alliance and their own organisation as part of a two-way exchange of information and actions.

Ways of working:

  • The group works by consensus and shared learning.
  • The group will meet regularly, minutes taken and circulated to members.
  • NDVS (North Devon Voluntary Services) will offer secretariat and organise meetings for the first year.
  • Topics for the agenda will be added at the previous meeting or by email at least a week before the meeting.
  • Non-members will be invited as and when appropriate, by consensus, when they can bring expertise or knowledge to assist the group meet its aims.
  • New members may be invited to attend 2 meetings, as an observer, before being asked to sign this Terms of Reference document and commit to the role and aims of the Alliance.
  • New members will be asked to sign a copy of this Terms of Reference to show that they agree with its contents.
  • Members will be asked to declare all their interests in other organisations to a) monitor the reach of the group and b) avoid any conflict of interest.
  • Issues of confidentiality will be dealt with in accordance with Data Protection legislation.  Personal information is not to be shared or repeated externally under any circumstances.
  • A database of members of the Alliance will be held by NDVS in the first year.
  • The Alliance will operate on the goodwill of members and not hold funds.
  • An Annual Review Meeting(similar to an AGM) will be held every July;  to summarize the year’s activities and review the Terms of Reference.

 For more information please contact: