Glastonbury Dementia Action Alliance

We are a small market town of just under 10,000 inhabitants located in the centre of Somerset in the South West of England.  We are also a massive tourist destination, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors a year.  Most people have heard of Glastonbury Festival, which isn't actually in Glastonbury but in the village of Pilton, about 5 miles away.  Demographic research has shown that the population of this area in general and this town in particular is ageing dramatically and this is set to increase over the next ten to twenty years.  I don't know how many people actually have dementia in the town at present but we have four institutions all of which have wards/specific activities aimed at people with dementia either on a residential or day-care basis.  Other day-care sessions are run by different groups within the town but not linked to a particular institution.

The demographic research highlighted above has led the town to think what we can do more to cater for our ageing population.  Becoming more dementia friendly and raising awareness not only for our residents but also for our visitors is something we have decided to undertake.

To raise awareness of dementia in as many local businesses as possible so as to improve services provided to members of our community and visitors to our town with dementia.


  • To deliver basic dementia friends training to as many members of our community as possible, young and old so as to encourage a dementia friendly ethos.
  •  To increase provision of dedicated activities  and initiatives for people with dementia and their carers.
  •  To link with other towns in the area to increase outreach to people with dementia and their careres in rural areas around the town.

We are currently working on setting up a dedicated email but for now I am chairing the embryonic Glastonbury Dementia Action Alliance.  I am an elected member of the Town Council and current Mayor.  I can be contacted on: or via  the Town Council Office on 01458 831769. 

Meetings are held monthly in a variety of locations, hosted by participants in our group including our local hospital, Brunel Care Home, nursing home, Nationwide Building Society, Town Hall and Tesco Store.

We are planning a celebratory 'launch day' for our DAA in early Summer running experiential sessions, on-the-spot Dementia Friends training sessions and generally raising awareness about what we are all about.  Date TBC.