Camelford Dementia Action Alliance

47956 506404176054595 602489054 nDementiaAwareLogo c CW 500INDEPENDENT LOCAL ALLIANCE. Now incorporating Boscastle, Launceston & Tintagel,  on the North Cornwall Coast UK.

 (Started awareness  June 2012)



I am Jane Moore and have been caring for my mother (92) with Alzheimer's Disease and Vascular Dementia for 7 years. In 2012 Mum and I set out on a mission together to create a dementia friendly community and join together with others around the world to promote the wellbeing of people with dementia. We took a lead from Torbay Dementia Action Alliance and promote the Purple Angel Dementia Aware International Logo.


To ask all businesses, religions, medical centres, first responders and the general public to help and support people with dementia by reading "What is Dementia" produced by the Alzheimer's Society and " “Guide to Understanding” written by Norm McNamara of Torbay Dementia Action Alliance.

Promoting the Alzheimer’s Society values and standards.

We believe that people with dementia have the right to a good quality of life and to remain independent in their local community. We believe that people with dementia have the right to live well, engage in and contribute to their local communities as long as they wish to do so. We will address negative attitudes and raise awareness and understanding of dementia.


We have funded this ourselves together with some printing help from the Alzheimer's Society and money raised by holding local plant sales.

We are grateful to Launceston Rotary Club and Advent Horse and Dog Show for their help.

Voluntary efforts from staff in over 300 shops and business and the whole community putting in a joint effort. 





Working with Home and Overseas internet connections and International Alzheimer's Associations, supporting Camelford Memory Cafe and local people with dementia.  Encouraging other areas to become dementia friendly. Campaigning for better care, activities and entertainment in care homes for people with dementia. Continuing to promote awareness both in UK and abroad.


Supporting carers and people with dementia and supplying assistance in all areas.

Delivering information to every local retail outlet and business, hotels, leisure centre and tourist attractions, and homecare providers and awarding a Purple Angel Logo to businesses when staff have read "What is Dementia?" and "Guide to Understanding". Design and promotion of a standard international logo. Helping the Fox Valley Memory Project North Wisconsin with their memory cafes and dementia friendly communities.Assisting in the Florida Hospital Wristband Project instigated by Gary Joseph Le Blanc USA.

Supporting the need for staff training, activities and entertainment in local care homes. Delivering information on training and holding voluntary singalong and activity sessions. Providing poems to serve as a constant reminder of good care and dignity for all elderly people.

Informing Medical Centres and First Responders using "Communicating with a Person who has Dementia".

Raising funds from plant sales and tombola for Alzheimer's Society; Dementia UK; Lewy Body Society and Alzheimer's Research UK.

Personal achievements: Operating CDAA with Elsie Whitley - my mother. Completing BMJ learning course: "Management of Dementia in Primary Care" in association with the Alzheimer's Society and becoming a Dignity Champion.

How to Join: 

Anywhere UK or International, member of the public or business, who would simply like to raise awareness with Camelford Dementia Action Alliance please contact: 

Jane Moore by email: and information will be forwarded to you.

 Camelford Dementia Action Alliance  

& "Building Bridges"