Community Action on Dementia Brent Alliance

About Community Action on Dementia Brent Alliance

The Community Action on Dementia Brent Alliance is made up of organisations working across the borough to make the lives of people living with dementia and their carers better, including Community Action on Dementia Brent, housing associations and others.  Our aims and objectives have been developed through conversations with those living with dementia, their families and carers representing the diverse communities of Brent.

How to Join

Membership of the Alliance is open to any group, organisation or business in Brent.  All you need to do is identify three actions you and your staff can do to help improve the lives of people with dementia in your local area.  Think people, place, process:

Suggested actions:

  • Raise awareness of dementia: we will host a Dementia Friends session for our staff
  • We will nominate a member of staff to be the lead on dementia, reviewing how we support people living with dementia, including those with a diagnosis and carers
  • We will support Community Action on Dementia Brent Alliance: we will tell others about the Alliance and encourage them to join, using our networks and resources to support people and carers living with dementia in Brent
  • We will use the dementia-friendly environment checklist to make sure our space is welcoming for people living with dementia

Contact details

Please contact  if you want to know more about joining Community Action on Dementia Brent Alliance.