Ash Parish (Guildford Borough) Dementia Action Alliance


Ash Parish is based in Guildford Borough of the County of Surrey in South East England.  With the current demographics of an ageing population, the Ash Parish DAA recognises there is a very real and potential risk of people being socially isolated within the local community.  The APDAA aim to support the diverse community within Ash Parish specifically supporting people affected by dementia,  not only at times of crisis but also be proactive and in an inclusive manner.

The number of people estimated to have dementia in Surrey is over 16,000.

The Ash Parish Local DAA will assist in moving towards and creating a fully integrated and inclusive community, enabling people living with and affected by dementia to live well, remain and feel part of their local community with signposting and support to local health and social care networks both proactively and at times of crisis.


This Ash Parish DAA has identified the following priority areas

  • Promote care and support for carers
  • Promote dementia awareness

Improve accessibility for people living with and affected by dementia within the community.


Meetings are held quarterly

How to join the LDAA

Name: Maizie Mears-Owen
Phone: 07901 513652