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Dementia Friendly Bournemouth

As part of the Prime Minister’s Challenge Fund, Bournemouth was identified locally as a priority area to become Dementia Friendly.  Due to the large population of Bournemouth (approaching 200k) and the largest town in Dorset, it was decided to focus on Southbourne as one of its communities to pilot the national model for the Dementia Action Alliance and the Dementia Friendly Communities programme in partnership with Alzheimer’ Society.

Southbourne has received national recognition for its foundation work and continues to work well at a community level to raise awareness of dementia.  Additionally, Southbourne Dementia Friendly Community  has been instrumental in instigating new opportunities for people with dementia where early consultation showed gaps.  This has included  forget me not coffee mornings, art and signing for people with dementia.

 One of the main issues with only one community working to become dementia friendly in Bournemouth has led to a lack of opportunity to engage organisation and businesses who operate across the whole of Bournemouth (and beyond) that have greater potential to help improve the experiences of people with dementia and those who care for them.

 We are now at the stage where we would like other communities within Bournemouth to learn from the work in Southbourne, to collectively help Bournemouth become and Dementia Friendly Town.  

Establishing an ‘umbrella’ alliance/partnership for the town allows this to happen and provides a structure and environment for each community to develop and grow, sharing best practice avoiding duplication.

 Early indications show interest from communities in Kinson/Northbourne, Westbourne and Winton through the newly formed Steering Group for the wider Borough of Bournemouth and its partners.

 A steering group has established which has met three times and

a)      will include, where possible, at least one person diagnosed with dementia and/or a representative carer

b)      will otherwise be drawn from all sectors

c)       will help to stimulate, support, encourage, promote and develop:

  • Dementia Friendly Bournemouth (to include both formal and informal Members)
  • its local Dementia Friendly Communities
  • the sustainability of  Dementia Friendly Bournemouth and local Dementia Friendly Communities

 Terms of reference have been drawn up and aims, objectives and actions Identified.

 Bournemouth has been selected as one of 10 communities nationally as part of the Accelerator project which will provide the exciting opportunity of developing in line with national priorities and sharing experiences both nationally and internationally in partnership with Alzheimer’s Society.

Steering group meeting are held monthly. Dates for 2017 are confirmed as 2nd March; 15th June; 14th September; 16th December.


To Join please email: