Broxbourne Dementia Action Alliance


Broxbourne is a district in Hertfordshire with a population of some 96,000 people of whom 17,000 are over 65.

 The number of people estimated to have dementia in Broxbourne in 2015 was 1,212. This is expected to rise by 16% to approximately 1,404 in 2020.

Approximately 390 people registered with a GP practice in 2013/14 had a recorded diagnosis of dementia. This suggests around 33% of people with dementia at that time had a diagnosis recorded (compared to 68% in the UK overall.)

Aims :

The Broxbourne DAA has as its principal aims:

  • Ensuring that Dementia Friends sessions are made available to staff from local organisations
  • Enabling more Dementia Friends Champions from Broxbourne to be trained
  • Promoting carers’ cafes within the Borough of Broxbourne and investigating other sources of support for carers
  • Signposting people with dementia and their carers to organisations that can provide specialist help
  • Providing a forum for organisations to discuss best practice in forming a dementia friendly community
  • Investigating how local services provided by the Council and other agencies could be made more welcoming and accessible for people with dementia and their carers


Denice Gately


Initial meetings to plan how to develop the Alliance for Broxbourne began in May 2016.


Establishment of the DAA and its website and an action plan to take it forward.

How to join Broxbourne DAA:

Contact Vicky Richardson on 01992 785654 or email