Bradford on Avon


The Bradford on Avon community area has an age profile higher than national average, and so issues relating to older people are particularly relevant to its residents and the public authorities.  A focus on dementia therefore sits well within the Area Board’s Health and Wellbeing priority, where there are already a number of related initiatives successfully underway such as Disability Access and Seniors’ Forum. 

 Bradford on Avon community area includes the villages of Holt, Limpley Stoke, Monkton Farleigh, South Wraxall, Staverton, Westwood, Wingfield and Winsley.


A DAA Steering Group has been formed and has met several times to agree on the actions that will be taken to enable the Bradford on Avon area to become more dementia friendly.  On 13th July 2016, the Bradford on Avon Dementia Action Alliance was founded at the “Your Health & Wellbeing” meeting held at St. Margaret’s Hall in the centre of Bradford on Avon. 


  • Establish a network of local Dementia Friends Champions, ready to collaborate and deliver Dementia Friends Information sessions.
  • Set up a Directory of Community Assets (local dementia friendly facilities and services)
  • Organise a Dementia Friends Information session in each of the 8 villages and a further 8 sessions in businesses and other community organisations.


The Bradford on Avon community area DAA meets regularly at different locations in the area, to ensure that we are including the villages as well as the main town.

We launched the Bradford on Avon Dementia Action Alliance on Monday 27th November at St. Margaret's Hall as part of the Seniors Forum. Awards were given to local organisations who have demonstrated good practice and have committed to a simple dementia-friendly action plan.

How to get involved.