Norwich City Dementia Action Alliance

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Norwich is a diverse and thriving city, with different needs to the wider county of Norfolk. As well as its resident population, employment, tourism and shopping bring a large number of people into the city every day, who will benefit from a raised awareness and support of Dementia Friends.

The Norwich City DAA is made up of organisations who are passionate about raising the profile of Dementia in the city and driving change to make Norwich a more inclusive and friendly city for those people living with dementia and their families.

Founding members:

  • Age UK Norwich
  • Norwich’s Older People Forum
  • NHS Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group
  • Cotman Housing
  • Norse Care
  • Home Instead
  • John Lewis
  • Norfolk and Norwich Festival 


Its principal aims are to:

  • People affected by dementia have equality when visiting the city or using its services
  • Increase awareness of dementia across the city by recruiting a wide range of organisations and promoting the roll out of Dementia Friends awareness sessions of customer facing staff, volunteers or members.
  • Engage the views of people affected by dementia as to their priorities and needs.
  • Establish a regular cycle of meetings for its membership, chaired by a committed and active person who can drive forward change in the city.
  • Develop a publicity plan to promote the work of the Alliance, its pledges and raise awareness of dementia services in the city.
  • Meet the needs for those living with a dementia plus their carers within the Norwich area, sharing best practice of its members and the difference this is making to the city.
  • Submit an application for recognition as a community that is “Working to become Dementia Friendly” by March 2018.




  • The initial meeting of Norwich City DAA was convened by Age UK Norwich. 


  • Dementia Development Lead appointed by Age UK Norwich to deliver plans and activity within the city, including the development and coordination of the Norwich City DAA.
  • Growth of group membership to include a diverse range of local organisations and sectors.
  • Delivery of Dementia Friends Info Sessions/Dementia Awareness trainings
  • Granted as "Working to become Dementia Friendly Community" status in November 2017
  • Published the alliance first Annual Report in January 2018

Meetings :

  • 22nd June 2016 – Inaugural Meeting
  • 7th  September 2016 - Steering Group Meeting
  • 30 November 2016 - Steering Group Meeting
  • 25th January 2017- Public Launch

Then quarterly thereafter, coordinated by Age UK Norwich. 

How to join the Norwich City Dementia Action Alliance:



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