Sunderland Dementia Action Alliance

The Darlington Dementia Action Alliance will achieve its aims by bringing together organisations from public, private and charity sectors - not just from health and social care , but from sectors such as the emergency services, retailers and transport operators and community facilities

The ultimate aim is to encourage local communities in the Sunderland area to become dementia friendly - increasing awareness of the condition and how the community can work together to reduce stigma allowing people with dementia to contribute as fully as possible to community life.

Challenges will include making sure that we encourage a wide range of organisations to become part of the local DAA movement, and that changes made reflect the needs of our diverse local communities.

Other challenges will include getting the correct members in to fully achieve the goals of the Sunderland Dementia Action Alliance and looking at ways to continuously improve. 

  • Working towards creating Dementia Friendly Communities within the Borough of Sunderland.
  • To raise awareness to increase early dementia diagnosis and improve early intervention care and support.
  • To make Sunderland more accessible for people living with dementia
  • Recognising the diversity of organisations needed to support people with dementia and their carers in Sunderland.
  • Encouraging organisations to become part of the Dementia Action Alliance.
  • Identifying and working with Dementia Champions within the Sunderland area.
  • Identifying future work, sharing of resources and working in partnership.-
  • Develop a plan to support the work of the Sunderland Dementia Strategy