Banstead Dementia Action Alliance


We are a group of local organisations who have come together with the goal of making Banstead a nicer place to live for people living with Dementia, including those who care and support.  Our aim is to make at least one person in every office, shop and premises in the High Street, a Dementia Friend.


  • To make at least one person in every organisation in Banstead High Street a Dementia Friend. Aim to achieve this by working with local Dementia Champions to offer awareness sessions throughout the High Street area to offer as many Dementia Friends information sessions as possible at different times & locations to suit as many people as possible.
  • Increasing the number of members signing up to the Banstead Dementia Action Alliance.  Recruiting volunteers to go into each of the premises on the High Street, to inform about the Banstead DAA.  Increasing awareness on social media via Twitter & Facebook.  Once an organisation is signed up to the Alliance aim to get all people in that organisation to undergo a Dementia Friends session.  The ultimate aim is to make Banstead a Dementia Friendly Community.
  • Increase awareness about dementia in the general community to reduce the stigma about the disease.  Publicising throughout the community the fact that the Banstead Dementia Action Alliance exists, what our aims are and encouraging members of the public to attend Dementia Friends sessions locally and to get involved.

To join contact :

Sue Martin 


Please complete the action plan document found here : Alliance Member Registration Form