Axminster Dementia Action Alliance


We held a open event to inform the wider community as to how we are planning to achieve a dementia friendly town. This was very successful.


One in three over the age of 65 years of age is likely to have developing dementia. There are 350 plus people living in the Axminster Area with a dementia.


Axminster Dementia Action Alliance wishes to address the key priorities in line with the National Dementia Strategy 2009 and the Prime Ministers Challenge on Dementia 2012-2015, National Dementia Declaration.

  1. To develop Dementia Friendly Communities for people living with dementia, their carers and families, voluntary and statutory services, businesses and the wider community.
  2. To improve the lives of people with dementia and their carers in Axminster/ Kilmington/ Uplyme/ Shute/ Dalwood/ Membury/ Allsaints/ Chardstock/ Hawkchurch/ Musbury and surounding areas, by developing greater awareness and understanding of dementia issues in our community.
  3. To ensure that the voice of those living with dementia are included, valued and heard, and guide the Axminster and Colyton Alliance work.
  4. To establish links with businesses, service providers and people living with dementia.
  5. To seek membership from businesses and organisations in and around the Axminster area. To encourage them to take action to improve and increase awareness of dementia
  6. To provide accessible information and training to shops, businesses and their staff


Axminster Dementia Action Alliance were formed in Autumn 2015.Intitally was formed with Colyton but spilt recently due to the enormity of the area being covered.  The steering group is made up of representatives from a number of organisations and businesses committed to working towards transforming and improving the quality of those living with dementia and their carers in the Axminster and surrounding area. The Alliance welcomes new members and volunteers to continue the valued work it has begun.

People/ companies/ organisations involved- Scott Rowe Solicitors- Axminster, Axminster Town Council, Axminster Tools, Axminster Twin Council, Light Up Axminster, Tudor Cottage Care homeand Axe Valley Community College. 


Axminster  Dementia Action Alliance has undertaken an in-depth consultation with people living in the wider Axminster area with dementia, their families, carers and friends. We are looking to have a formal launch in 2016.

We have conducted many Dementia Friends sessions including our local Secondary School– mainly to 6th Form pupils, in Youth Clubs with members from the age of 11- 13 years, and in our Hospital and Community Services. 


Meeting are at present held monthly.

How to join the LDAA

Shiobhan Pickering, Dementia Friends Lead, Axminster Hospital.Tel: 01297 630427. Email:  


Sam Over, email:


Alliance Members