Haywards Heath Dementia Action Alliance


  • Support the aims of the Alzheimer’s Society, the Dementia Action Alliance, and the National Dementia Declaration.
  • Work cooperatively with local alliances and the Mid-Sussex alliance support group. 
  • Increase awareness and understanding of dementia in Haywards Heath and surrounding villages.
  • Assist in helping to make Haywards Heath a dementia-friendly community.
  • Provide information on local resources and support facilities, and to encourage people with dementia and their family and carers to seek guidance and support from local services.
  • Help people with dementia to feel included in the community, to be as independent as possible, and for their contribution to be valued;
  • Help them to have choice and control to the maximum possible extent over their lives. 


Guy Boyling


The Haywards Heath Dementia Action Group was set up in December 2014 with the intention of helping the community become more dementia-friendly.  Initial membership of the group included representatives from the three local authorities, town, district and county; the Alzheimer’s Society; schools; medical services; welfare groups; businesses and local residents.

In January 2016 this informal Dementia Action Group was registered as the Haywards Heath Dementia Action Alliance.

Our first priority was to increase the local awareness of dementia and so we concentrated on the Dementia Friends programme, on participation in local events and on making information as widely available as possible. We have been running  Dementia Friends sessions locally since early 2015, some as public ‘drop in’ events and others in-house for individual organisations. 

 Organisation of the Alliance:

The Steering Group meets two or three times per year. It includes representatives from, for example,  the three local authorities (Haywards Heath Town Council, Mid-Sussex District Council and West Sussex County Council), the Alzheimer's Society, local businesses, the NHS, Education, Age UK, Welfare organisations and charities. 

The Core Group is made up of the volunteers who organise and carry out most of the detailed work of the alliance.  Core Group meetings are held regularly as necessary. At present eight members of the Core Group are Dementia Champions.   


Specific objectives for 2018 in support of our aims include the following:

  • To conduct Dementia Friends’ sessions throughout the year.
  • To encourage local organisations to register as members of the alliance.
  • To increase awareness and support within local organisations from all sectors, including commercial, social, welfare and professional.
  • To help increase awareness of dementia by contributing to key meetings within the community
  • To schedule and run a public forum early in 2017.
  • To promote Dementia Awareness Week in May 2017 and to organise a 'Dementia Day' in support of it. 
  • To ensure that the flow of guidance information to the community is maintained.
  • To maintain active contact with other Dementia Support groups and alliances in the Mid-Sussex area. 

Public meetings:

Public Forums are occasional meeting and are announced when scheduled.  There have been three Public Forums, in 2014, 2015 and most recently in February 2017.  In this last meeting there were speakers from the West Sussex Library Service, NHS Memory Assessment and the Alzheimer's Society.