Burnley Dementia Action Alliance

Chair: Cllr Maggie Lishman, Burnley Council

Secretary: Rob Dobson, Burnley Council
Contact: RDobson@Burnley.gov.uk

Gareth Dowling, DAA Coordinator Lancashire
07484 088 856 


The Burnley Dementia Action Alliance is a newly established alliance open to all new members committed to Burnley becoming a Dementia Friendly town.

The Burnley DAA contribution to the seven outcomes will be as follows:

The Burnley DAA steering group will include a person living with dementia and a carer to help inform service design.

The Burnley DAA will bring together relevant services in the borough- GPs and adult social care- to review how people living with Alzheimer’s can exercise choice and influence decisions affecting them, and will regularly consult a wider group within the community.

The Burnley DAA will improve access to information about services available in the local area.

The Burnley DAA will increase awareness of dementia.

Burnley is planning a number of projects to meet the priorities on raising awareness, increasing access to information for people living with dementia and services for people living with dementia.

New members see here to join the alliance and record actions.

For information on Dementia Friends as an awareness-raising tool see here.

For further information contact Gareth Dowling at gareth.dowling@alzheimers.org.uk or 07802 861 875