What is a Local Dementia Action Alliance?

A Local Dementia Action Alliance (LDAA) is an easy structure for creating a Dementia Friendly Community (DFC).

A LDAA is a group of people representing different sectors within an area who have come together to create a DFC alongside local people affected by dementia. 

A LDAA can be established at any level, be it a village, city, county or even a region. They can overlap geographically and member organisations are encouraged to participate in more than one community.

Find out about LDAAs in your area by searching below or selecting a region.

How to set up a Local Dementia Action Alliance

1. Establish a steering group

2. Speak to local people affected by dementia

3.  Encourage local organisations to take action and sign up as a member 

4. Decide on an action plan for your group

For advice on setting up a Local Dementia Action Alliance, here are some top tips.

There’s more than one way to bake a cake! 

The way that your LDAA works will depend on your community and the needs of people affected by dementia in your area.  However, if you want advice on setting up a LDAA, creating a Dementia Friendly Community or are just looking for new ideas, email dementiafriendlycomm@alzheimers.org.uk