Worthing Dementia Action Alliance


To make Worthing a more dementia friendly environment 


The Worthing Dementia Forum has been active and regularly meeting since 2013.



We are a collective of people living with dementia, carers, health and social care professionals, people working in the local community, GPs, nurses, local traders and businesses.  We are working with the local council to make it dementia friendly as well as creating dementia friendly schools, churches, the theatre and cinemas and have over 2,000 dementia friends.

Chairperson: Tom Wye, a local councillor. However, we are aiming to rotate this position with other members of the steering group who are willing to chair the meetings.

Meetings: We meet every two months in Worthing. Our next meeting is Tuesday 10 October 2017 Offington Methodish Church, South Farm Road, Broadwater, Worthing, BN14 7TN at 4 pm.

Worthing Area Dementia Alliance Minutes 28 Oct 2015.

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How to join the LDAA: To join the Worthing DAA, please contact info@dementiafriendlyworthing.org