Selby & District Dementia Action Alliance

Our aim is to bring individuals and organisations together to reduce stigma and raise understanding of dementia; to enable people living with dementia to continue doing the things that they've always enjoyed, within their own community, for as long as they can.

To achieve our aim we need to:

  • Bring together the whole community in making a difference to those living with dementia.
  • Encourage organisations to see dementia as their business and empower them to take action when they have other concerns and priorities.
  • Engage in awareness raising activities and education.
  • Ensure we have a strong voice for people living with dementia

It's free to join, in return we ask new members to complete a brief action plan setting out what they can do to make a difference to people living with dementia.

How to Join

Membership in the Alliance is open to any group, organisation or business in Selby and District.

Join Here

There is currently no Chairperson for this alliance so please contact if you have any enquiries.