East Herts Ageing Well and Dementia Action Alliance Steering Group

Purpose/Role of Group:

The Ageing Well Steering Group was set up following a multi-agency workshop in June 2013, with an aim to develop pro-active policies and actions that work to keep people ‘well’ and active into their old age. Its purpose is to:

  • Provide a platform for working in partnership across different organisations to tackle the challenges associated with an ageing population in East Herts.
  • Champion design and re-design of services to meet the needs of an ageing population

Following a meeting of the Ageing Well Steering Group on Tuesday 25 November 2014, it was decided to consider incorporating a Dementia Action Alliance into the group’s responsibilities. If this action is agreed, the purpose of the group will also include a commitment to working towards developing a dementia-friendly community.


Representatives from:

  • East Herts Council;
  • Herts County Council;
  • CDA Herts;
  • CVS for Broxbourne and East Herts as the local CVS;
  • Police service;
  • Fire and rescue service;
  • Alzheimer’s Society;
  • Active East Herts;
  • Health Watch
  • Circle housing
  • Meals on Wheels

The group hopes to recruit individuals from the community who are living with Dementia or and their carers.


All activities should be reported back to East Herts Partnerships through the steering group.


The group will review the relevance and value of its work and the terms of reference every 12 months or as appropriate


Meetings will be held every 6 to 8 weeks, with a special focus on the DAA at every meeting. Non-members are welcome to attend the meetings, and will be invited to do so if they are required for the discussion of a particular agenda item.

The Engagement & Partnerships Team Leader for East Herts Council will be the group convener and organise the meetings and generate/circulate the agenda and minutes. The Executive member for Health, Housing and Community support for  East Herts Council currently chairs the meetings.


Priorities for the Ageing Well Steering Group:

  1. Improve partnership working locally
  2. Provide physical activity opportunities for older people
  3. Improve early identification and support for people with dementia
  4. Proactively raise awareness of dementia across the district and encourage and support a dementia friendly community in East Herts
  5. Join DAA and work in partnership to forward the agenda
  6. Improve access to information
  7. Promote volunteering focussing on the activities to support the bid to Sport England
  8. Enhance digital inclusion, particularly for older people

These priorities will work alongside the following DAA priorities:

  1. Ensuring the right local structure is in place
  2. Identifying person/people to take responsibility and leadership
  3. Produce an Action Plan
  4. Develop a strong voice for people with dementia in the community
  5. Raise profile of work
  6. Focus plans on key areas identified locally
  7. Have systems in place for  monitoring, review and evaluation


Please contact Mekhola Ray if you want to know more about joining the East Herts Ageing Well and Dementia Action Alliance Steering Group. 

e: mekhola.ray@eastherts.gov.uk