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This is the download page for the D:KIT. It is presented in 5 Domains (each one of these is related to and informed by the RCN SPACE principles). There is also an additional file with a short introduction and guidance on use. You can also read the introduction and guidance online. You may also want to bookmark the D:KIT resource page which may be helpful when you work with the kit. Each of the D:KIT domains are available as PDF and Word files.

DKIT introduction and guidance notes (PDF)

http://www.dementiaaction.org.uk/admin/folders/1612/assets/1460?editor=2&popup=1#Staff Domain ImageDomain 1: Skilled staff who are informed and have time to care (PDF)

This section helps you to assess where you are in terms of staff training, governance and staffing levels providing you with an organisational needs analysis. This will help you design improvements in workforce planning to support people with dementia and create a dementia friendly hospital.

Word Version of Staff Domain

Partnership Domain Image

Domain 2: Partnership working with carers  (PDF)

This section uses the discharge planning process – which begins at the point of admission into hospital - to focus you on working in partnership with the person with dementia, their family and carers and other organisations such as the Local Authority, Community Service Providers and Voluntary Agencies.

Word Version of Partnership Domain

Assessment Domain ImageDomain 3: Assessment and early identification  (PDF)

This section is to help you establish where you are in identifying who has dementia in your hospital and ensuring that other causes of cognitive impairment have been assessed, investigated and, where appropriate, treated. It will also help you see where you are with access to support services such as Psychiatric Liaison Services.

Word Version of Assessment Domain

Care Domain ImageDomain 4: Care plans which are individualised and person centred (PDF)

This section takes you through governance related to care provision, delivery of care, care and management planning, continuity of care, end of life care, nutrition and care planning with the person with dementia, their family and carers.

Word Version of Care Domain

Environment Domain ImageDomain 5: Environments that are dementia friendly  (PDF)

This domain takes you through the physical environment of the ward and bathrooms, orientation and flooring as well as promoting independence and reducing accidents caused by the environment (trips/falls etc).

Word Version of Environment Domain