Promoting Urinary Continence for Older People with Dementia - 3 hour session

Event Date:
Thursday 04 April 2019
Dementia Pathfinders Community Interest Company

Older people are at increased risk of urinary incontinence and it is estimated that 3.2 million people over 65 in the UK suffer from urinary incontinence (AgeUK 2015). Many people don’t seek help: either out of embarrassment or the mistaken belief, nothing can be done.

Difficulties with urinary continence may be problem for people with dementia but incontinence is not an inevitable consequence of dementia. However, someone with dementia is more likely to have problems with continence than a person of the same age without dementia.

Course Aim:To give learners an overview of age related changes to the urinary tract system and how dementia may impact upon a person’s ability to maintain continence. This interactive course will enable learners to explore person centred strategies which may be introduced to promote continence.

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