Webinar: Intimate Moments - Relational wellbeing and dementia

Event Date:
Tuesday 14 November 2017
2-3pm. On computer and phone

Jane YouellDr Jane Youell is a freelance Chartered Psychologist who specialises in relationships affected by dementia. 

As a freelance consultant Jane offers training in sexuality, intimacy and dementia for health and social care teams nationally.  She also works with GP practices developing Care and Support Planning for people with dementia and delivers bespoke dementia training across various sectors including community groups and care homes.  She is the founding member of the Death Café in Northamptonshire and the lead for the Cycling Without Age chapter in Milton Keynes.  

Jane has been awarded a Churchill Fellowship which will see her travelling to Australia and the USA to understand how care homes can be fully inclusive, particularly with regard to the LGBTI community. 

Jane will talk about issues around sexuality, intimacy and dementia.  This discussion is open to everyone living with a diagnosis, caring for someone with a dementia or any health or social care professional with an interest in relational wellbeing.  

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