Webinar: Psychological Therapy for Depression and Anxiety in dementia

Event Date:
Monday 27 February 2017
11am - 12pm. On computer and phone

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Following successes in identifying dementia earlier and an increase in diagnosis rates, a growing number of people are living with full awareness of their dementia diagnosis and with varying degrees of understanding of the nature of their worsening cognitive disabilities. They, their partners and families have to adjust to an ever changing condition and accumulative losses. For people affected, cognitive disability causes daily hassles and constitutes an ongoing stressor, and in interaction with pre-existing vulnerabilities increases the risk of developing depression and anxiety states. These, in turn, worsen cognitive functioning, add excess disability, and impair quality of life. In fact, depression consistently is shown to be a greater factor in decreased quality of life than the extent of the cognitive disability.

While there have not been any new developments in medication to treat dementia in clinical practice in recent years, a growing range of psychological treatments has been developed and used successfully in dementia assessment and treatment services, and a large scale study is currently adding to the evidence base of Cognitive Rehabilitation approaches.

This webinar will give an overview of psychological therapies in the early to moderate stages of dementia, in part drawing on recent work by the BPS Dementia Advisory Group and the Faculty of Psychology of Older People’s “Guide to Psychosocial Interventions in Early Stages of Dementia”. Adaptations and dementia specific application of cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic approaches such as life review therapy, systemic and family therapies, narrative approaches and more neuropsychologically informed therapies such as cognitive rehabilitation will be briefly introduced and reviewed.

The presenter will be Reinhard Guss:

DAA Board Clinical Expert

Chair, Faculty of the Psychology of Older People, British Psychological Society

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Clinical Neuropsychologist, Kent & Medway NHS Partnership Trust

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