How to be Dementia Friendly - Wayne Eaton

Monday 14 November 2016

Without trying to cover individual specific issues, I would say this ‘please start by bearing in mind that the rule books, in all walks of life, are written for the usual, the commonplace, the average, and we no longer live in that world or maybe I should say we no longer fit in that world. What is obvious to the majority, is not to us, what is clear as day to the many, is not to us, what always happens, does not to us. Almost any assumption based upon the way things have always been in the past, will undoubtedly be a wrong assumption when applied to us, the ever growing population living with dementia. Clear as day is clear as mud, always is sometimes, blindingly bright white is invisible, use caution means don't do it. Things are not always obvious and what works today will probably not tomorrow. Yes it is a pain and a problem. Do I expect the world to be changed to fit me, no. Just give me help, time, understanding, getting angry or frustrated or talking louder at me just worsens the situation. If you cannot think of how to resolve a situation, have the patience to ask and we will probably find a great solution together. I am still me, I am still capable, I just need help to find other ways to thrive in what is now a different looking and often difficult world to me.

Wayne Eaton Wayne 10.11.2016