Oldham DAA Launch

Tuesday 5 July 2016
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Local Alliances:
Participating organisations:
Oldham Council
Oldham DAA was launched at a local conference held in July 2014. Significant effort was put into ensuring as many people as possible were able to attend, representing and bringing together a wide range of different sectors of the community as well as many service providers. A local resident who has dementia took the opportunity to address the audience formally and we were lucky enough to obtain significant keynote speakers. The conference was oversubscribed and extremely well attended, with 150 attendees on the day. The conference generated a very positive response resulting in new memberships and significant interest and awareness. Oldham DAA is co-hosted by the local Council and the Clinical Commissioning Group. This has helped raise the profile of the DAA and achieve a high level of engagement from a wide range of stakeholders. It has also provided organisational commitment and availability of resources. The structure has facilitated a strong link to the Oldham Dementia Partnership which focuses on improving the quality of local dementia services. The Oldham Dementia Partnership was accredited by the Alzheimer’s Society as having achieved the foundation criteria for ‘Working towards dementia friendly communities’ status in May 2014.