Jack and Jill and the Red Postbox

Monday 4 July 2016
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Jack and Jill and the Red Post Box  performed 7 shows at:

  • The 2013 Edinburgh Fringe Festival 
  • The 2013 ESRC Social Science Festival
  • The 2013 ‘Age Friendly  Cities’ evaluation road show

They were commissioned for social work training (Fife), Dementia friendly Community awareness raising (Gateshead, Stockton) and continues to tour nationally:




One of their productions, co-hosted at the University with Performing Arts and with support from Alzheimer’s Society and NE DAA, included a discussion with the audience of people living with dementia, carers, carer associations, health and social care workers, local authority personnel, sheltered housing residents, wider ranging service providers, funders, artists, creative industries and others, on the key messages for dementia friendly communities. 

They used this feedback to develop a DfC Master Class offered in May 2014 Dementia Awareness Week with a launch of the digital recording of Jack and Jill, this adapted for Question/Answer style workforce development (health and social care but with plans to reach customer face workforces . e.g. retail, banking and leisure).