Medway Dementia Action Alliance

David brakeMedway Dementia Action Alliance was formed in 2015 to help improve the lives of people affected by dementia, in the Medway area.  In 2017 Healthwatch Medway and Medway CAB were able to secure funding to enable a paid member of staff to continue to work for the Medway DAA.

The ultimate aim is to encourage the local communities, business and organisations of Medway and the surrounding areas to become dementia friendly. This is being achieved by increasing awareness of the condition and how the community can work together to reduce stigma and allow people with dementia to contribute as fully as possible to community life.

With the help of a dedicated Steering Group and Chairperson the Medway Dementia Action Alliance has grown and to help people affected by dementia in 2017 it aims to:

  • Expand the membership amongst the businesses, organisations and charities in Medway who can help make a difference.
  • Create dementia friendly hubs in towns and local communities to promote independence for people living with dementia
  • Increase the awareness of dementia and help reduce the stigma by reaching out to the diverse population of Medway
  • Showcasing and connecting to wealth of creative and cultural resources there are in Medway and to help connect them with organisations that can make a difference to the lives of people living with dementia

If you would like to know more about the Medway Dementia Action Alliance or how you can join, contact:


Telephone: 07718 322191 or 01622 747181


Twitter @MedwayDAA

Upcoming Events

Dementia awareness week - Ask the Expert 19th May 2017

Medway Ask the expert photo

To find out more or and book a place click here.







Our meetings

The steering group meet every 2 months and we encourage anyone who is a member to join in.

Wayne Eaton spoke recently about what dementia friendly means to him, to find out more Click here.

Wayne 10.11.2016









Lorraine Brown wins Volunteer of the year 2017 - Read Lorraine’s blog here

 Medway DAA Business Breakfast – November

Rainham Dementia Cafe - Drop in


Medway DAA is supported by MemoryBilia, a group of people living with dementia who are trying to make their communities more dementia friendly.

To find out more visit their website 

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