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A Borough Council located in the south east corner of Staffordshire with a population of around 78,000. The Council continues to provide a full suite of high quality services to local people: Waste Collection & Recycling; Environmental Heath & Streetscene, Planning & Building Control; Housing & Homeless Support; Economic Growth & Regeneration. The Council also supports Leisure & Cultural provision, community safety and Elections.

9 June 2017
West Midlands
Local Authorities
Local Alliances:
Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Dementia Action Alliance, Tamworth Dementia Action Alliance

1. Action Plan

1. The National Dementia Declaration lists seven outcomes that the DAA are seeking to achieve for people with dementia and their carers. How would you describe your organisation’s role in delivering better outcomes for people with dementia and their carers?

Having regard for the seven outcomes, the Council believes it is well placed to make a significant and sustainable contribution through its 3 thematic priorities:

Living a quality life in Tamworth 

Priorities within this theme articulate the Council’s commitment to supporting individuals and communities who are vulnerable or at risk of becoming so; to enabling residents to improve their health and quality of life and to tackle the causes of inequalities.

Growing stronger together in Tamworth  

The focus here whilst primarily upon economic growth and skills, it is also about understanding the needs of all our residents in order to create a safe and supportive environment – both physically and culturally and through community engagement.

Delivering quality services in Tamworth  

This theme presents an enormous opportunity for jointly reviewing and co-designing services; improving access to them and the quality of them and to raise awareness of the issues facing those living with dementia.

2. What are the challenges to delivering these outcomes from the perspective of your organisation?

Had this initiative been isolated or independent from the Council’s current core business, then rolling out the action plan may have been more difficult.  Given that the Council, HWBB, CCG and Public Health have all included references to improving services for or awareness of mental health issues locally, this is likely to assist the Council in its ambitions.

There may well be capacity and resource constraints across the various partnership networks however; the approach is viewed as a ‘marathon’ and not a ‘sprint’.  A further challenge from partners may relate to competing priorities again, this can be factored in to future planning.

In short, the Council is of the view that the outcome justifies the investment of capacity because of the clear links between the ambitions of the Council and the DAA.

2. Actions

  • Local/Community Engagement

    Include local people affected by dementia in all engagement processes relating to decision making, service re-design; relevant policies and practices; Capture insight and information from those affected by dementia to support informed decision making; Incorporate “Dementia Awareness Week” into the events calendar for 2017 and to promote the event through current channels and networks.


    2017 - First Quarter Update

    A member of the Tamworth DAA has been successful in a funding application which will enable 15 volunteers aged 50+ to be trained and supported to engage with people affected by dementia and their carers to find out what activities they would like to engage in and then the volunteers will co-ordinate these activities.  One of the volunteers will be designated to attend the Tamworth DAA meeting to feed back the information from people affected by dementia.

    A ‘State of the Nation’ type questionnaire will be developed in conjunction with members of the Tamworth DAA and the information collected will be fed into the Knowledge Hub and findings analysed to help inform and shape our services.

    Tamworth will be holding a number of events during Dementia Awareness week we have anactivity happening on each day of the week

    Activities include: 

    - Dementia awareness raising with parishioners at St Johns and Sacred  Heart Church

    - Tea Party at Sir Robert Peel Hospital

    - Market Stall on Tamworth Tuesday Market

    - Coffee Morning at Peel Medical Practice

    - Memory Café

    - Tamworth Tea & Twiddle Events x 2

    - Charity Fundraiser for Good Hope Hospital Dementia Ward

    - Alzheimer’s information stand at Sainsbury’s

    - Dementia Friends Orienteering Walk in Tamworth Castle Grounds.  This walk will include finding the letters to spell 'Dementia Friends'


    2016 - Fourth Quarter Update

    A drop in was held in Tamworth on 21stNovember to encourage membership to form a local DAA and gather information from local people. A meeting will be held in the New Year to progress the formation of a local DAA. 

    We plan to invite people living with dementia and their carers to a meeting to find out their experiences of living with dementia in Tamworth where they feel they are supported and where improvements could be made.  TBC is establishing a ‘Knowledge Hub’ that uses the knowledge and data collected to help inform and shape our services.  We will explore how this can capture information about those affected by dementia in Tamworth and develop a specific questionnaire to capture information from those affected by dementia.  The Steering Group are in the process of planning events to coincide with Dementia Awareness Week.

    2016 - Third Quarter Update

    New member

  • Council staff

    The Council will ensure that its current policies and procedures and any future reviews reflect the needs and support necessary for employees who may be caring for someone living with dementia or, working with a diagnosis of dementia.

    Information and advice literature will be displayed and available in all publicly accessibly buildings.


    2017 - First Quarter Update

    Leaflets continue to be available in our main reception and information is displayed on our visual display screen in main reception area.

    Tamworth Borough Council are planning to roll out more Dementia Friends sessions to staff w/c 15th May

    2016 - Fourth Quarter Update

    TBC reviews it’s policies on a 5 year cycle and caring responsibilities is a specific consideration on our impact assessment forms.

    Leaflets are now available in TBC Reception. Information is displayed on our visual display screen in main reception area.

    2016 - Third Quarter Update

    New member

  • Awareness

    Seek to ensure that all key staff and elected members undertake to attend a Dementia Friends session delivered by an accredited person.Appoint a “Member Champion” and “Lead Officer” to support the wider role out of Dementia Friends sessions internally and externally.Extend awareness of and access to Dementia Friends sessions to our key partners (if not already engaged).Explore opportunities to support people living with dementia when reviewing or designing services, eg:

    - Assisted bin collections

    - Text “Reminders” for appointments; payments; collections; elections etc

    - Access to cultural and heritage venues

    The Council’s communications team will be advised on the use of language using DEEP’s (Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project) Dementia Words Matter Guide.


    2017 - First Quarter Update

    Tamworth Borough Council are planning to roll out more Dementia Friends sessions to staff w/c 15th May as part of our commitment to raising awareness of dementia during Dementia Awareness Week.

    Police and Fire & Rescue Services locally to incorporate Dementia Friends Training to all cadets as part of their training program. The Fire Service will also be delivering DF sessions as part of the ‘Safety Town’ initiative to approximately 800 Year 5 pupils in Tamworth this will be delivered in May 2017 as part of

    Tamworth now has 6 active Dementia Champions and 1816 dementia friends have been created and 74 Dementia Friends Awareness Sessions have been delivered. Within the last quarter there have been Information Sessions delivered to:

    A cubs group, sixth form college, a residents association, family and friends, pharmacy staff at Sainsbury’s, council workers, library staff, Morrisons staff and Primary Care Pharmacy staff.

    As part of the council’s Delivering Quality Services Programme we now offer a push notifications via the mobile app for payments, so a customer can chose a date that they receive a reminder notification to their mobile phone to remind them that their council tax is due. We can also offer a text reminder service and our Customer Services staff have received Dementia Friends training and will be promoting these facilities to people that may find them useful.  

    This quarter has seen a change of staff within the communication team and the new member of staff has been briefed on the Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project and is fully aware of the Dementia Words Matter Guide and actively uses appropriate language when drafting publications and social media.

    2016 - Fourth Quarter Update

    Tamworth Borough Council has an elected member that is a trained Dementia Friends Champion who has delivered Dementia Friends sessions to 13 elected members and other members have attended other community sessions.

    We have commenced our roll out of dementia friend’s awareness sessions to staff.  Four sessions were held on 5th December and 56 staff attended and are now dementia friends.

    Tamworth Borough Council has elected Councillor Andrew James as lead member and Karen Clancy as Lead Officer to support the role out of Dementia Friends and the formation of a local DAA.

    Tamworth held an awareness session ‘drop in’ event on 21st November to encourage membership to a local DAA and offer Dementia Friends Awareness sessions to partners and the wider community.


    Our Champions have created 1257 dementia friends in Tamworth through dementia awareness sessions and 533 people have accessed the on-line resource.  Our Champions have been busy delivering sessions at various places including:


    A GP Surgery

    Local Pub

    Year 8 Pupils at Rawlett School

    45 young people enrolled on the National Citizens Service Program now has 9 Dementia Champions and 1790 dementia friends. 

    TBC’s Heritage Access Officer is now a dementia friend and other heritage staff will be invited to future dementia friend’s awareness sessions. 

    Text reminders have been factored in to the council’s Delivering Quality Services Programme and are likely to become effective from March/April 2017.

    TBC’s communication team have been briefed on the Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project and are fully aware of the Dementia Words Matter Guide and actively use appropriate language when drafting publications and social media.

    2016 - Third Quarter Update

    New member

  • Establishing a Local Dementia Action Alliance

    The Council, through its extensive partnership and community networks will seek to promote wider awareness of dementia for the purpose of establishing a Local Dementia Action Alliance.  These networks will include:

    Tamworth Strategic Partnership Tamworth & Lichfield Business & Economic Partnership Tamworth Headteachers Forum Local Housing & Health Groups Town Team Locality Hubs Licensed Taxi Alliance


    2017 - First Quarter Update

    Tamworth held its first meeting of the Dementia Action Alliance on 9thJanuary 2017. The Tamworth DAA now has 17 Members. 

    Tamworth will be hosting a Dementia Champions Training day on 15thJune 2017.

    Tamworth DAA now has a twitter account @DAA_Tamworth and will be actively tweeting information.

    2016 - Third Quarter Update

    New member

  • Environmental and Service Access Considerations

    The needs of people living with or affected by dementia will be considered alongside those of other groups requiring additional support; reasonable adjustments or specialist consideration.  This will apply to:

    Access to information, services and facilities;Planning and designing outdoor public spaces/facilities;Work place assessments

    *Future public information outlets to be developed to “Safe Place” standards E.g., TIC.


    2017 - First Quarter Update

    Progress in this area has been deferred temporarily pending the outcome of service reviews. These service reviews will incorporate the need to plan to accommodate these actions.

    2016 - Fourth Quarter Update

    Following the drop-in event we will be inviting all attendees and some key partner organisations to meet early January to begin establishing a local Tamworth DAA.

    2016 - Third Quarter Update

    New member

  • Access to Information and Advice

    Contact details of all relevant support organisations/groups will be incorporated onto the Council’s website and internal Intranet. Literature provided by both the Alzheimer’s Society and the Dementia Action Alliance will be displayed and available from Council Offices. Customer facing staff will be briefed on how to signpost customers to the relevant professional support providers.


    2017 - First Quarter Update

    TBC has a dementia webpage.Our web page URL is: www.tamworth.gov.uk/dementia-friendly

    We now have a stocked leaflet stand in our main reception which is regularly re-stocked.

    2016 - Third Quarter Update

    New member