Exeter Dementia Action Alliance (EDAA)



The Exeter Alliance was established towards the end of 2014. 

Gina Awad, a volunteer Dementia Friends Champion who began delivering information sessions across the community in April 2014 noticed a  need for joined up services. Ultimately this support will make it much more accessible for those with dementia and their carers.

All alliance members are asked to sign a declaration commiting them to the aims of the National Dementia Action Alliance, and to develop an action plan for their organisation to achieve these aims. For local organisations this will be updated annually. 


  • To reduce the stigma and misconceptions of dementia by raising local awareness
  • To offer regular dementia information sessions both privately for organisations as well as for the public. Additionally inspiring larger organisations to encourage an employee to attend the Dementia Friends Champion free training day to enable the initiative to be driven forward 
  • To promote an inclusive community, offering empowerment to those with dementia and their carers.
  • To encourage youth engagement work with schools and link in with Care Homes providing essential intergenerational connections
  • To gain support from local services and businesses enabling small changes that will make big differences in the community

Objectives Achieved in 2015 

  • Obtained DFC status in May
  • Signed up 33 members 
  • Website created 
  • Numerous media connections made in addition to a local community radio show 'Living better with dementia' 
  • Ongoing Dementia Friends sessions delivered across the city 
  • Partnership developing with Exeter City Council
  • Official launch in November with over 100 from the community in attendance 

Objectives for 2016

  • Continue to obtain membership and collaborate with community businesses and organisations sharing good practice and assisting with barriers
  • Obtain support from people living with dementia and their Caregivers to inform community needs such as survey of local environment. This will identify barriers to inclusion and enable a more inclusive dementia friendly city
  • Recruit volunteers to drive our work and support ongoing fundraising and IT requirements 
  • Produce a twice yearly newsletter 
  • Delivery of Dementia friends sessions and encourage others to train as local Dementia friends champions as part of their membership action plan 
  • Continue with all aspects of our media presence and raising awareness 
  • Encourage our members to participate with Dementia Awareness week in May 
  • Attend local events 
  • Support newly formed Local dementia action alliances where required 

Exeter DAA Annual Meeting 2016

Find out about Exeter DAA's first annual meeting here

Get in touch

For more information, visit our website www.exeterdementia.org.uk or contact Gina Awad, Lead on 07941 459439.